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Re: Wow.

  • That is hilarious... the chick has issues.

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  • Ok, that's totally reasonable I mean after all only one person in the world gets to own a name and everyone else must come up with something else d'uh. Confused


  • Yikes.  Drama queen indeed.
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  • Thanks for the laugh. I especially love the "this child was left behind" muahaha.
  • hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahha

    ::gasp for air::



    I almost want to cut the chick some slack and chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. I mean, is anyone REALLY THAT CRAZY?! I actually stopped reading at "Well my son's first name is going to be her son's middle name!" NON-issue. I don't really buy into the whole "name ownership" thing anyway... but it's not even gonna be the other kid's first name? Come ON. 

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  • That chick is nuts. I mean, I get not wanting two Jeremiah's, and DH and I are avoiding any first names already used by people in our immediate families...but seriously? A middle name?

    And if I ever start to get that crazy, I give all my lovely Octob!tches permission to put me in my place. But somehow I doubt you can blame all that crazy on pregnancy hormones.

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