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This may be mean but...

I'm glad that we won't be having field trips next year.  I am solely in charge of planning an entire grade level field trip because it involves my subject area and it's a nightmare.  I've been asked 50 different questions mostly by adults in the building today about the trip and I have a headache!  I'll be happy when Friday is here and the trip is over!

Re: This may be mean but...

  • This time of year is so difficult in school. Everyone is at their wits end. Sometimes the adults are worse than the kids!
  • Yeah plus I'm working on setting up the state test tomorrow and administering it on Wednesday.  People want to know who is going, who isn't, are there subs, what are the plans for kids staying back, what time will the kids going on the trip be home, how much do the students that got kicked off the trip get back, you don't have enough money for the trip (this one took the cake!).... it was a nightmare.  Thankfully I figured out why we supposedly didn't have enough money.  When you have 80 students going and the other team has 120 yet you take the bills out 50/50 and not correctly proportional, yeah, the smaller team is going to be short.  ARGH!

    I had to go to the gym to take it out on the machines today!

  • Now I have the principal making an executive decision to let 2 students go that were kicked off the trip - the best part is he neglected to tell me this!  So now all the groups are made, all the packets set and I have to go and change things yet again because he didn't tell me.

    Plus - one of the secretaries misplaced the tickets when they were supposed to be in the safe so they DIDN'T get lost.

    And, like every year, I have angry parents yelling at me because their kid was kicked off the trip.  Like it's my fault your child is failing 3 subjects.

    I'm going to need a BOTTLE of wine tonight!

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