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has anyone had a tubal ligation?

How long was the recovery? Happy with your decision?

Re: has anyone had a tubal ligation?

  • I had the Essure procedure done instead, it was a very easy process and literally basically no recovery time.  I felt fine that afternoon. The HSG to make sure it worked was more painful than the actual procedure itself. I am very happy with the decision.
  • I had a traditional tubal 7 years ago.  I wasn't in any pain from the surgery, but I thew up to no end for 3 days from the anesthesia.  Went back to work after 4 days (couldn't lift anything for a week I think).  I have two scars that you can barely notice.

    I am so happy with my decision to have it done. 

  • I had a laparoscopic tubal done at the beginning of March. I had it done on Thursday, stayed in bed Fri and Sat, took it easy Sunday, and was pretty much back to normal on Monday. Really, the only complaint I had was the edges of my incision in my belly button felt like they were pulling apart, but a band-aid took care of that.

    I also had some cramping for a couple of days, but I think that's more from the endometrial ablation I had at the same time.

    I am so so so happy I had this done.

  • I had it done a few years ago, and couldn't be happier with my decision. I went back to work only a few days later, but looking back I should have taken at least a week off to recover. I was uncomfortable for a week maybe two. It wasn't so much the incisions, it took awhile for the gas that they blow  your belly up with to go down.

    Just two small incisions, one in my belly button and one lower down, you can barely see them now.

  • I had it done in conjunction with a c-section and it did not add any time to the recovery. 
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