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Happy Monday Everyone!

How was everyone's weekend? At least it was sunny most of the weekend and the cooler, cloudier weather waited for the work week. I actually kind of like the cloudy weather. My cat freaked out yesterday when we had a heavy rain shower. We still can't figure out why she was so afaid.

I didn't get much of anything done this weekend since I was recovering from what I can only guess was food poisoning. I'm better as long as I don't eat anything too exotic! Hopefully your weekend was better than mine.

Re: Happy Monday Everyone!

  • As usual, it went by way too fast. Yesterday we were so busy. Such a long day, but it was fun. I feel like it could have been three days. In the morning we ran in Beat the Bridge. I am happy with my time, but wish it was a little faster. I think I need to start doing some sprint training, but I will wait until after the half marathon. I need to work on building up my distance so I can survive that. We had one of our friends over for a BBQ after the race for lunch. It was his birthday and all of his family was over. At night my high school friends came over for dinner. DH was soo wonderful. He cooked us all dinner and served it to us. It was soo nice to just chat with my friends an not have to prepare everything. I had a really nice time with all of them. All in all I am very happy I have Tuesday off this week. I am going to relax and not go any where!
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    Good morning!  We had a great weekend.  On Saturday, I met a girlfriend for a walk around Green Lake and then we went to the waterfront downtown for lunch.  Sunday, DH and I took the dog for long walk/hike through Lord Hill Park.  Other than that...we just spent our time enjoying the sunshine, relaxing, and doing some things around the house.

    Can I just say that I'm really looking forward to Memorial Day?  We have no plans for the weekend, but I'm so excited at the prospect of having a weekday off!  I haven't had a day off from work since New Year's!


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  • I wanted to go to the Cheese Festival but ended up sick on Saturday. Some dude was hacking a lung up in an elevator I was in and I remember thinking that I was going to get sick. Yup.

    I have some stuff to do at work and I am debating going in at all because I don't want to spread this around.

    I still made it out to brunch on Sunday even though nothing tastes very good right now.

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  • Monday... boooo!!!

    Hmmm, not much this weekend, just planting and stuff. Still better than work!!

  • Glad it was a good weekend for most!  Mine was dull -- homework and taking care of a very sick husband (but he was much less of a baby about it than usual!).  Just work and more homework all week (presentations, papers and an exam); by Friday afternoon i will have most of my stuff done for the quarter (3 weeks till finals).  Yay for that in my near future.  My role model this week: the little engine that could : ) 

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  • Happy Monday! I'm happy that the 2nd part was so much prettier than the first. Sorry to hear that some of you are sickies. Food poisoning is the worst.

    Thanks for the ideas on what to do Friday. We went to Agua Verde. It was such a nice, sunny day that it was packed. They had the cutest house boat for sale right next to it. I kind of wanted to buy it. If they would rent it for a week, I would be all over it. If they would rent it for a month, I would still do it. However, I can't see myself buying one. We ended up in Fremont. Wow, it has been a long time since I've been out. It looks so much nicer down there. They have a big PCC, new buildings, condos, all sorts of stuff. The old, tiny Triangle Pub is now a full blown bar. They must have purchased whatever was next door and knocked down lots of walls. We liked it. The name was 9 Million in Unmarked Bills... hmm, I hope it has a nickname... maybe people just call it 9.


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