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I'm watching Bridezillas right now.  I can't understand why a guy would marry any woman who acts like this.  This woman is telling her FI that she owns him and that he is wrapped around her finger and will do whatever she tells him to do.  She then said that once she gets a wedding band on his finger, she is going to get his friends out of his life!

Re: Bridezillas

  • What channel is that on?


  • It says it's on WE.  It's Channel 502 on Comcast Cable.
  • The more recent episodes really make me think that its scripted honestly. There is no way these people are that bad IRL.
  • Well boo!  That's my second strike today for lack of fancy schmancy cable channels.
  • OMG, she just said that she wants her notebook from the car and started counting until he went to get it!  Then she made him say "Yes Dear" before he went to get it.  This can't be for real!
  • image layla1704:
    The more recent episodes really make me think that its scripted honestly. There is no way these people are that bad IRL.

    I hate to say it, but it's very real - I'm related to people like this.  Women who are totally wearing the pants in the relationship, and stuff like you're describing is totally acceptable to them.  They make me pretty sick, frankly.

    Waiting for some innocuous creativity... I'll let you know.
  • I've seen My Sweet 16 on MTV.  I can totally see how Bridezillas are real.  My Sweet 16 is just a precursor to Bridezillas, isn't it?
  • I loved the first season when it really was about insane women who lost control planning their wedding. 

    But when it turned into profiles of flat out witches, I couldn't watch it anymore.

    You do wonder, what in the heck makes me think this is good behavior to tie yourself to for life?

  • It's like the Real World effect - the first few seasons were great and unscripted and very "real" - but after the world got exposed to it, people started putting on a show just to get on there and stay on there.
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