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Hey!  What are you going to use to "pull up" your tile?  I just wanted to tell you that if you use something like a jack hammer, cover up your electronics and pretty much whatever you can.  DH had to use a jack hammer to get up his mom's old tile and it made a mess of the entire house.  He also ruined a very expensive laser printer that was in the office.  Dust flies everywhere!

Good Luck!


Re: btrflypoet

  • it's some machine they had at home depot we were considering renting... but it's probably pretty similar!  good to know -- thanks kelley!  i don't know how else we're going to get this crap up -- it's thickly mortared onto concrete!  most of the furniture is out already -- but we'll cover up the electronics for sure!!!
    mary ~ wife est. 06.18.05, mama est. 07.30.10 Lilypie Second Birthday tickers imageimage
  • His mom's tile was the same way.  For some reason, the tile guy had pulled up the linenolium (sp?) and mortarted the tile straight onto the concrete.  I'm guessing yours wasn't put down very well either.  Sometimes I wonder how some of these contractors are still in business.
  • oh i know!!!  when we opened the wall under the stairs to put a pantry in -- we found so much CRAP in that space because they assumed no one would ever look!  luckily they left some scrap wood we used too!  we also found some really uneven spots we've had to level out with concrete.  ugh!  did your dh rent the machine from somewhere?
    mary ~ wife est. 06.18.05, mama est. 07.30.10 Lilypie Second Birthday tickers imageimage
  • He did rent it but this all happened back home in FL so it won't help you too much if I ask him.  Smile

    Unfortunately, his mom had hired the person who put down her tile.  DH put down the new tile for her so that it would look better.

    That's awesome if the previous owners left you some stuff that you could use.  I hate it when people leave the other crap though.  I would be so embarrased to do that.

  • agreed!  we also inherited 10 year old paint -- not so useful!!!

    hopefully tomorrow goes as well as the rest of this tear up job has gone! 

    mary ~ wife est. 06.18.05, mama est. 07.30.10 Lilypie Second Birthday tickers imageimage
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