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Linens 'n Things Going out of business

If anyone needs any household items now's the time to get them! 

Re: Linens 'n Things Going out of business

  • Are they really full on going out of business?!  I know the one at Southcenter has a sign up about closing but I thought it was just that store.  That's craygee!

    Btw, I don't think they take those 20% off coupons anymore, at least the Southcenter one doesn't.  They refused to take mine even though it was  THEIR coupon, I guess they're not honoring them.  Ptth...


  • is this more recent than when they declared bankruptcy and had a list of tons of stores across the country that were closing?  at that point, most of their stores were staying open, but the other ones were liquidating.
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  • I was at the one at Alderwood today and they wern't closing.
  • I dont shop there much, but I saw the Redmond one with a "Store Closing" banner yesterday.
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  • f/u to my post - it looks like on aug 14th they got permission to close more stores than on the original list. i can't find an updated list of the stores that are closing though
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  • I heard it was all the stores, but I could be wrong.  I know for sure the Southcenter and the South Hill one are both definitely closing.   I also heard they were going to pull a sharper image soon and stop accepting their own gift cards, so if you're holding on to one I would use it soon!
  • Hmm... we could use a new set of sheets...
  • When I was at the one in Southcenter last week they said that the trustee's that doing the bankruptcy chose which stores were to be closed and it did not include all of the WA store.  My guess is that it has to do with store performance and whether there is a BBB near it.
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  • I went to the Redmond store today and was NOT impressed.  Most things were only 10 or 20% off, which didn't even compete with their normal sale prices.  I picked up a couple things that were already on the markdown racks, but I really didn't find much.  I was looking for a mattress pad and the only one they had that beat the price I found on was the kind with the crinkly plastic liner for kids.

    That being said, they did have an awesome markdown curtain display, so if you need curtains they had some good deals. 

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  • It's the same in Denver too.  Some are closing, others are not.
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