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Does anyone else...

Hate doing laundry? OMG! I totally dread laundry time, and I have been really bad. I went and bought a larger laundry basket that is divided into three sections. Thinking I would become more organized and it would be easier. The only thing the new basket has done is create a larger mess for me to sort through. My dear fianc? is a wonderful guy and occasionally gets upset, but never really lets it show. You can tell because he will go through the laundry and get all of his clothes and just do them. No complaining, just a simple do it himself. Which totally makes me feel worse.

So today I decided to sort all the laundry and do it all! Yeah that is going to take the next three days. It is ridiculous, and 90% of the stuff we only wear for a short time then take off and throw in the hamper. When at home we usually wear gym clothes or our lounge clothes.

 Just ranting, but it drives me crazy! Laundry is my one task I 100% hate doing!

Re: Does anyone else...

  • I'll do your laundry if you'll do my floors!  lol
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  • Deal, I actually like cleaning floors! As long as your not talking steam cleaning... But vaccuming, and hard floors I could do all day long!

     Wanna trade? Big Smile

  • I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE laundry also!!!  I must say though I am very lucky because I am marrying someone who is a little more organized and a little on the OCD side and so he just does all the laundry!!  I never have to do it anymore!!!!
  • How did the new split laundry basket make it harder to do? ?Ours made it sooo much easier (and helped DH learn what can and cant be washed together).

    ?I actually dont mind doing laundry so if someone is willing to clean our bathrooms regularly I would keep up with their laundry....I dont iron though, that's one thing I do hate to do.?

  • I like doing the laundry, I tackle it all on Sundays.  I do HATE to iron though.  I make DH iron his own clothes and I iron mine because we both hate it so much. We have a huge basket of "to be ironed" clothes that just sits there week after week.  Every time I resolve to iron a few each day but I never do. 
  • I love doing laundry, but I hate folding, putting them away, and ironing... so I suppose I just love sorting, washing, and drying then.  Hahah.

    I hate dishes as much as you probably hate laundry.  I also hate vacuuming too.  Gosh... I hate taking out the garbage too.

    I sound like an anti-domestic goddess, don't I.  But, to makeup up for all that I hate, I LOVE to do the most dreading thing in the house...  CLEANING THE BATHROOM.  I just love it.   

  • I hated laundry until I joined FlyLady.  It is so much easier now to just make a goal of one load a day.  And yes, if I'm anti-housework that day, I'll even do just a load of sheets or towels so they're easy to fold and put away.

    I taught my kids to sort by color with just two laundry baskets in their closet.  So you should be able to teach your hubby!  Lights in one, darks in another should do the trick.  Occasionally I get a "Mom, is this light or dark?", but that's easy to deal with compared to sorting it myself.

  • I just went through and did the same thing you are doing with your laundry.  I had so much laundry to do though (that I had not done in months), that it took me like a week and a half to get through and get totally caught up on laundry.  I dread doing laundry because we have DH's old cheap set he got fresh out of college, and seriously it doen't have a heat setting on the dryer.  It only dries clothes on one setting and it is a hot setting.  So i found out just before getting married when i did a load at his apt, and all of my clothes shrunk in the drier.  So now I can only dry 1/2 of every load in the dryer.  Everything else I have to hang dry on hanger on like every door in our bedroom.  It's rediculous and I HATE it, but we cannot afford to buy new applicances to replace these.  So I have put off laundry in the past dreading doing it because it frustrates me so much that I cannot just take everything out of the wash and put it directly into the dryer.  I have to sort my laundry either before doing it as to what can dry there and what cannot and do two loads or I have to sort it as it comes out of the wash.  So annoying.  So I get very backed up with laundry and DH doesn't even bother to sort his clothes with mine.  He just does them on his own all the time no matter what.  But I have promised that now that I am caught up on all of it finally, that I will try to stay on top of it and do his laundry with mine finally.  So I totally understand how you feel with that.  100% Good luck! :)
  • When we first got married, the hamper felt like it was always full, and the laundry never ended.  One day I got fed up and told DH that he had too much dirty clothes; then I realized he was wearing clothes 1x (not getting it dirty / sweaty) and putting it to wash!  Once I got my frusterations out, the laundry has reduced, luckily.

    I usually take it all to the laundry room on Friday or Saturday... sort into diff piles, and start washing.  I'm horrible about taking it out of the dryer and folding it right away.  Sometimes it takes me 2-3 days to finish it all (we are only 2 LOL)... and then it all begins again. 

    It is a vicious cycle, but we all have to do it.

    -- Jackie
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  • Argh! I actually hate vacuuming. I like doing the laundry - no more laundromat! I just keep a bunch of hangers in the laundry area and put the clothes on hangers ASAP so I don't have to iron. And DH irons his own! For everything else, I dump it all on the bed so I HAVE to put it away before the end of the night!
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  • I'd like doing laundry a LOT more if I didn't have to take it downstairs and pay to do it. Our hamper is one of those three basket things -- darks, colors, whites. We also have a basket next to it for towels. I cannot wait until we get a house of our own. I really want a room just for laundry (rather than a closet) so that I can the awesome laundry organization that I've been dreaming up forever!
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  • You can tell because he will go through the laundry and get all of his clothes and just do them. No complaining, just a simple do it himself. Which totally makes me feel worse.

    Why does he only wash his own? Why can't he wash yours as well? Make a trade agreement; he does laundry and you'll fold and put away.

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