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New fridge being delivered! What do I do???

Maybe a silly question, but this is the first time we're getting a brand new fridge - so I'm not sure how to go about this....

They are supposed to deliver our new fridge *sometime* tomorrow (I got two different time estimates, so WHO knows?) We are simply upgrading. Our current fridge, although 10 years old (and white, we're moving on to stainless) - still works fine.

So what do I do? I know when they deliver the new fridge, it's going to take time to get cold, right? (Anyone know how long??) So what do I do with our food? Also, should I just let them haul off our old fridge or should I try and sell it to someone for a really cheap price (helpful to someone else, helpful to us!)

Any advice is appreciated. Sounds like such a dumb question but I really just have no idea how to "prepare." I'm also SO worried about how they are going to get it into our kitchen!!!!! Can they take the doors off?? It's a side-by-side stainless steel whirpool refrigerator. If you look in my bio, my kitchen doors are narrow! Hmmm.......

Ok, advice appreciated! Sorry to ramble lol


Re: New fridge being delivered! What do I do???

  • I'd get a cooler and some ice to keep your stuff cool while your new fridge cools down.

    And, the original fridge got INTO your kitchen somehow, so they should hav no problem getting a new fridge in. : ) 

    I'd try to sell it on craigslist, lots of people are looking for a cheap fridge either for their house or an extra for the garage/basement. 

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  • I'd put as much of the food as you can into coolers while you are waiting for the new fridge to cool down.  It really shouldn't take that long. 

    If you aren't going to keep the old fridge (I'd love a spare one for the basement or the garage here) and you think you can sell it on CL go for it.  I think a little $ is never a bad thing- it'll be like getting a bit of a rebate on the new fridge.  

    My brother was a mover when he was in college-  he has some crazy stories of tight squeezes.  I'll bet they can get it into your kitchen somehow. 

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  • LOL - the reason I worry is because the *depth* of the new fridge is a few inches deeper than the old fridge. And those few inches can potentially make a big difference in getting it in/out of the house! Hopefully they can take the doors off to the new one or something......

    Maybe I'll see if we can just move the "old" fridge over a bit in the kitchen (would be in the way of the dishwasher and stuff, but only temporarily!) and then when the new fridge cools down, transfer everything. Then have DH and his friend get the old fridge and put it in the garage and try and sell it on craigslist (maybe keep it plugged in in the garage so that it doesn't get moldy or gross or anything)....

    Does that sound like a feasible plan? I know obviously I'm the ultimate decider here but I always appreciate opinions :) Oh, and does anyone have an approximation of how long a fridge/freezer might take to get cold? As little as 5 hours? As long as 24 hours? These are things I should have remembered to ask the salesman!

  • They should be able to remove the doors, and even the coils on the back if they have to. If you can move your old one somewhere else temporarily, then you don't have to worry about the food! Otherwise, I recommend coolers and ice packs (or frozen food). And you guys can probably move the old fridge yourselves.

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  • You'd probably be looking at like 3-4 hours until cold.  It should be pretty easy for you hubby and a buddy to move it out the the garage for you. 
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  • We put the refrigerator that came with our house in our shed when we bought our new stainless steel one.  I love having it out there for extra drink storage and extra freezer space.

    Or, you could sell it on Craigslist like the previous posters mentioned, and make it part of the deal that the purchaser must pick it up!

  • Thanks ladies!!! :)

    I think I'll put it up on Craigslist (and definitely have "you pick it up" as part of the bargain lol). We already have an additional freezer in the garage so making our old fridge/freezer a 3rd unit would be overkill. Maybe I'll list it for 50 bucks (or 75? hmm)....

    I'm so excited about my new fridge!!! Haha, that's when you know you're a homeowner... when things like new refrigerators are exciting to you! :) hehe

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