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Looks like I'm spending Thursday waiting on contractors at my sister's house in Kingwood, so lunch won't work for me that day. ?Do you want to try for a day the following week... assuming Poppy and Chubbs stay put in the meantime? ?I know next week seems like a long way away at this point... we could talk about it when it gets closer if ya want.

How did your OB appt go on Friday? ?How are you feeling? ?

Wyatt James born September 14, 2008

Re: <kat.in.the.hat>

  • I figured with the weather - all plans are off this week - lol.

    Next week sounds good - and gives me something to look forward to so I don't spend every minute thinking, is this it? is this it? is this it?

    Friday's appointment didn't go so well.  It could have gone worse - could have gone better.  My BP was still high - so they put me on meds, but we have a lot of wiggle room to treat this with medication which is really good.  And they haven't even mentioned hospitalization or monitoring or induction which I'm super thankful for.  I get to do a lovely 24 hour urine collection - yay!  They drew labs last Tuesday and all those came back normal so they have a baseline to compare any other results against and now they want to do the same for my pee. :/  We're going back in on Tuesday and getting a growth ultrasound so we get to see her again which makes me really happy Smile.  Hopefully the meds will have helped some by then as well.  Pretty much though - it looks like I'll be making two or three visits to the OB weekly now.

    How are you and Chubbs?  When's your next appointment?  Did you make any progress?

  • Wow... sorry to hear about the high BP, but it's good that they're not talking about more serious interventions at this point. ?Is the 24-hour urine collection thing about protein or does that have something to do with your BP as well? ?That's probably a dumb question, but I've never had to do that before. ?DH had to do it once because of his kidney stones and it's kind of a PITA, but I guess it's no biggie if you can hang at home. Sounds like your doc is being cautious and proactive and that's good... at least he/she isn't trying to rush you to deliver early if it isn't necessary. It's great that you get to see Poppy again : ) ?We did an ultrasound a few weeks ago to get a weight measure and it was so nice to get to see him wiggling around in there again.

    We're doing great. ?I saw the doc on Friday and still no progress. My doctor actually seemed a little disappointed ?image??I go back this Friday. My due date is the following Friday and I have an appt scheduled for that day already. ?She won't let me go more than a week beyond my due date, which I guess is standard. ?She also said that they won't offer an induction until I've made at least a little progress. ?That's fine by me... I'd like to wait and see if things happen on their own. ?

    I'm looking forward to lunch some time next week... assuming I still fit in my car by that point :)?


    Wyatt James born September 14, 2008
  • Butting in:

    Just remember even if you had pregressed it really doesn't mean anything.  I had a friend who was 1cm at 36 weeks and she went all the way to her due date.  My mom walked around 5cm before she finally went into labor.


    ETA: You could also be walking around with no progress and then just go into labor.

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