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Just got rear-ended

Well, that sucked. Thank goodness DD wasn't in the car with me. I can't even imagine. I'm fine, my poor MINI isn't. It'll be in the shop for some time, I'm sure, though I won't find out any details until I talk to the claims adjuster on Tuesday. I haven't been in a wreck in over a decade, I forgot how completely jarring it is. I wasn't cited. But the chick who hit me didn't have a license. She was driving her boyfriend's jeep, and didn't have a copy of his insurance. Yikes.

Re: Just got rear-ended

  • I am so glad you are ok?image. I forgot how scary it can be until I had a lady t-bone me last week. ?I hope you get your car fixed back up soon and they nail the person who hit you.
  • Yikes!  I'm glad that you're okay and that your DD wasn't there.  I hope that the repair and claims process goes smoothly.
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  • Oh, I forgot to mention, a driver who was a few cars behind us stopped to make sure we were ok. He called the police (which was good b/c the chick was trying to avoid that, and he didn't give her time to come up with a story), and stayed around and gave an accident report. He said that his wife was recently in a wreck, and no-one stopped for her. He was awesome.

    As was DH. I told him he didn't need to come, and he did anyway. Of course, I totally needed him there. He helped me get my car towed - I thought it was driveable and it wasn't.

    So mad props to all the good samaritans out there. Y'all rock!

  • Oy, glad you're OK!  Speaking as someone who's had the same car in 2 accidents in a little less then 6 weeks, it's always better to look at it from a non-injury point of view. :)  Sounds like the other driver could be in for some major costs, though.
    Waiting for some innocuous creativity... I'll let you know.
  • I'm glad you are ok!

    As someone who's been in 3 accidents in the past year (none of them my fault) I feel your pain.

  • d.fd.f member
    I'm glad you are okay!!

    DS 09/08


  • Wow, I'm glad you're OK. That's the first thing I thought of when I read the post title, that I hope your DD wasn't with you!!!
  • I'm so sorry. 
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  • Oh Dawn, I'm so sorry! That's good that M wasn't n the car - how jarring. I'm glad to hear you are safe and ok.....poor Mini.
  • Ugh.  What a pain.  I'm glad that you are okay!
  • I'm so glad you're okay!
  • I'm so glad you're alright! And I'm glad DD wasn't there. I know I have nightmares about that kind of stuff. I was rear-ended a long time ago and it totaled my car. The girl that hit me was an idiot and it was a big huge hassle with insurance companies. I hope things go well. It is jarring and a big pain in the rear. Take care!!
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