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anyone train for marathon - treadmill only? nft

Re: anyone train for marathon - treadmill only? nft

  • I haven't but Chirstine Clark the only american entered in the 2000 women's olympic marathon did most of her training on a treadmill in her basement in Anchorage.  I think because she was injured and because it was to snowy outside!!
  • I think it would get extremely boring -- especially without a TV -- but it would be doable.
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  • I would agree that it could be done, but that would be extreme boredom for me!
  • It can be done, but most things I've read recommend at least 1 run/week outside, because the terrain and climate is so different.  I'm actually more bored outside because the treadmills at my gym have tvs.  Also, put the treadmill on at least 1 for the incline to make up for the outside terrain.  I've been doing the C25K program mostly on the treadmill and going from there to outside hasn't been a problem.  Good luck!  (PS-Self Magazine had an article last month about half marathon training on a treadmill...might be on their site!)
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  • I would only add that yes definitely use at least 1.0 incline, but preferably a variable incline to simulate outdoor running as much as possible.
  • I haven't done it, although I have done some longer run (15-17 miles) on the treadmill when it was outrageously cold.  It is very boring, but it helped that I was at the YMCA where there were individual TVs on every treadmill.

     I definitely don't think it's ideal training, but I think it could be done.  I agree with above posts that trying to get outside for at least one run/week would be best.  The treadmill provides more cushion to your joints than asphalt, so I think you'd be hurting quite a bit after the race (well, it's a marathon, so you'll be hurting either way, but you know what I mean. Smile )

     Good luck and happy training!

  • It's possible, but you will go batty :)  I ran a lot of weekday runs and one long (12 mile) run two Boston marathon seasons ago on the treadmill because Denver had a bad winter.  But planning to do all of your runs on a treadmill will get old fast and you will probably not have the discipline to be consistent with your training because you will get bored!
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