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Cold: Arms or Legs?

For all of you that run outside:

When it's cold (45 F or so) would you rather have long sleeves, pants, or both?

I'm running a 5k in Indianapolis in the morning in early November so it's going to be chilly. I typically run on a treadmill so this is out of my realm of experience.


Re: Cold: Arms or Legs?

  • Definitely long pants and some layers on top. Maybe a t-shirt with a thin jacket on top. If you get hot you can take it off and tie around your waist. I usually end up getting too warm so I just wear a long sleeve t-shirt.
  • What do you normally run in?  Even if it is just on the treadmill (you are still running, still doing the work!!).... if you run in shorts; then run in shorts for the race.  Do what you are comfy in.  Warm up in sweats.... then take them off right before you run. 

    I usually don't worry about my legs.  Can't race with anything on them but my hands get cold so I run with gloves in the winter.  Some pro runners run with detachable arm sleeves.... I've never tried it.  Try running with different combos.  Good Luck!!

  • I never run with long pants but sometimes I wear long sleeves. I tend to get cold on the arms if it is colder.

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  • I prefer to be on the cold side.  I ran a lot in the cold this spring, and my perfect outfit was a triscuit shirt (long underwear) with thumbholes so my hands were covered, a breathable, but warm vest with hood, and my yoga pants .  I also have to put something over my ears, but not my head. I never have to shed a thing and I stay perfectly warmish.
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  • Thanks for the input, everyone. I typically run in long pants and a tank in the gym where its 75+ degrees. I just don't want to over-bundle myself and have to shed stuff in the middle of the race. I'll take everyone's suggestions and experiment a little as the weather gets colder here.

    Thanks again :)

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