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more marathon questions

well the response below are motivating me, but when you do the long runs do you do several loops, run out and back, or drive to a trail?  I have a run I do at my house thats about 7 miles, I could loop that a few times, but theres also a nice trail, I'm not sure how many miles but it is long, but its also like a 15 min ride away, I'm not sure thats worth it.

Also, do you run by yourself or in a group?  Someone wrote that they have a group, and that would motivate me to get up and go, but I'm worried about pass and keeping up to others or having to slow down for others, and running with a group would most likely involve driving somewhere.  If you do run with a group though, did you join a running group by yourself or is it just a group of friend?


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Re: more marathon questions

  • For our first marathon, H and I trained with a running group. However since we've switched our training days around, we haven't trained with a group for almost 3 years. ?I would be more enjoyable to meet new people/train with others but I generally keep to myself and don't enjoy talking to other people when I run. I like to tune into how I'm feeling. H and I train together I generally like to run ahead and since we don't run with headphones/music but we don't talk at all during our runs except to communicate when we're taking GU's or turns/etc.?

    Groups are also good to train with in order to get accustomed to running next to others while controlling your pace. ?Running a (shorter) race prior to a marathon is a good experience to teach yourself not to get distracted by someone else's pace (even if they LOOK like they should be running slower than you). ?


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  • When I do long runs, I generally drive somewhere and either do several loops or run out and back a few times so I can get something to eat/drink from my car.  I like running on trails, so if I were you, I'd give that a try.  I don't think a 15 min drive is far at all, esp if it means you're on a trail and don't have to deal with cars.

    I generally run by myself, but sometimes with a running buddy or two.  When I lived in LA, I ran with a couple different marathon training groups which met on the weekends.  Yes, it involved driving to a location, but it was great because the course was marked out, there were periodic water stops, there were pace groups so I didn't have to worry about going too fast or too slow, and it was just easier to get through the longer runs with others around.  Most places have running clubs though, so you could look into that to possibly join up on their runs or maybe meet other similarly paced runners.  It sounds like you're opposed to driving though, so that may limit your options.


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  • For the long stuff, I mix it up.  Doing the exact same thing week after week would get boring.

    I have lots of places to bike and run where I live, so I never drive anywhere.  Unless I'm meeting people who don't live in the same town or we're riding the bike course of a particular race.

  • Until two weeks ago, DH and I lived right in downtown Washington, DC, so we'd step out our door and go running during the week, and then run to our group's meeting place on Saturdays. Since we've moved out to the 'burbs, we now drive into DC (about 20 minutes) during the week to run before work (changing at a gym in DC) and run to our group's meeting place on Saturdays. The ride there doesn't bother us. We coudl run in our new neighborhood, and at some point, we'll probably start doing that, but the drive is worth it to us to run on the trails in the city.

    As for our group, the group we're with now is a smaller, local group of about 50 people. We run all different speeds. DH runs about a 8-9/minute mile, while I run a 11-12 minute/mile, and there are lots of people at both speeds, so we never have to worry about trying to keep up. DH and I used to run with DCFit, which was a chapter of USAFit. Check out USAFit to see if they have a group in your area. Also, if you ask at local running stores, there might be local groups you can join. Finally, I trained for my first marathon with Team-n-Training and their running group, which was so much fun.

  • i'm not currently marathon training, but i will answer anyway. ?

    when i was running long distances i would usually do an out and back. ?i'm in boulder, colorado so we have tons of trails and running-friendly areas so i never lacked for a place to go. ?i was part of a local running group and we would all meet on saturdays for our really long runs. ?we all ran at different speeds so i would usually start out with other people and then end up finishing alone. ??

  • I run out and back from my home. One thing I really enjoy about running is that there is no preparation needed, I can just put my running shoes on and go. I have one route that I like a lot for the long runs (up to 26 miles). I do live in San Francisco where running is really scenic and the weather is always perfect for running.
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  • I drive to wherever I'm going to run b/c I'm not going to risk running w/the crazy drivers.  It's a 10-15 min drive, depending on where I'm going, but I've driven as far as 30+ mins for my Saturday group runs.


    That said, I joined a beginner's running group in February (I'd started out on my own in Sept of last year) and merged into their marathon group in April.  We do our long runs on Saturday mornings and I love having my friends there.  My group is pretty varied...I'm definitely one of the slower ones, but there are some that are slower than me, and a couple about the same pace.  Some days I run alone, even during the group runs...I find that even on those days, I have an easier time of it than when I'm making up a run completely on my own...I think it's just knowing that I have friends out there somewhere.


    But kinda going back to your last question, it all becomes a part of your don't even think about it after while.  I did my 12 miles yesterday, ran errands and then took my sister out for her bachelorette party all night.

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  • I run with a group for my Saturday long runs and for Tuesday speed work.  There are pace groups, so you just fall into the group that runs your pace.  Most runs are out and back and if you join alone, you will quickly make friends.  After all, you learn a lot about people during 20 mile runs :)
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