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Housewarming Regisrty Update

I wrote yesterday that we were going to my sisters housewarming and that we had gotten a a housewarming gift registry card in our invite for Crate & Barrel.  I had asked if folks had ever done a housewarming gift registry and what would be a good gift if not....  

So DH and I stopped by my sisters house yesterday before the housewarming party today and the place looks like they just moved in yesterday.  Now mind you they did buy a fixer upper but DAMN!!!  they have done a lot of work on the house since they first purchased it (moving walls, adding a bathroom, etc) but from the looks of the house I would NOT be having people over right now and I definitely wouldn't be asking people to buy me stuff from Crate & Barrel

SO...we are getting them a gift card from Home Depot 


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Re: Housewarming Regisrty Update

  • I've never heard of a housewarming registry- that's weird. But maybe I should set one up for our move next year...
  • Setting one up is one thing but I felt like I had to go out and spend more money on a housewarming gift when the card came with the invite, they just got married 4 years ago and we did the whole gift thing then
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  • Wow. Definately seems that they want new stuff on other people's dime. I've never heard of having a housewarming registry. We had a little outdoor gathering to get a jump on using our great deck when we moved in but we grilled, served the lunch and drinks and gave quick tours. Also waited till we were very well settled.
  • I had a housewarming party when I bought my condo several years ago (actually a hallowarming party...halloween party and housewarming in one.  It was fun!), and people were very sweet and brought me gifts, but I would never have dreamed of having a registry for it!  Seems tacky and greedy.
  • actually the home Depot Crd was what I was thinking would be good.?

    That is what I gave my youngest brother for christmas one year since he and his wife had just bought a house. ?

  • image ncuvilje:

    SO...we are getting them a gift card from Home Depot 



    good call

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  • That could probably use that more than crate & barrel stuff.  Fixing up a house can get expensive.
  • I have heard of a housewarming registry. A lot of people do them BUT never when you were married 4 years ago. How can in four years you have already gone through all of the crazy stuff you get for your wedding/shower??

    Good call on the HD card.?

  • I've never heard of a registry for a housewarming party - seems tacky.  It was very nice of you to contribute to their renovations through a gift card though. 
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