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I think I'm way too sensitive

So I played volleyball with a bunch of friends. Turns out, they were a lot more competitive than I anticipated, and I was pretty much there to have fun and learn.

Needless to say, I ended up feeling like I was slowing people down, and I noticed them avoiding me whenever I played. Which totally put me back into middle school lol.

I left feeling pretty bad about myself. :-( I'm still beating myself up about it.

Re: I think I'm way too sensitive

  • awww... guess we know who we won't be playing with next time! that sucks.
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  • oh that sucks! i hate it when people do that. i woud have brought beer lol. then you know they would have been there just to have a good time lol :)
  • I am sorry! I hate feeling that way. My friends still make me feel that way sometimes too.
  • Oh man, that sucks.  J and I joined a voleyball league a few years ago with some people I worked with.  Yeah, they were WAAAY more into than we were... I mean, it was a Friday night league, at a beach facility that served a well known potent alcoholic beverage.  We were there for the socializing.  Lord knows I'm not athletic!  lol  They avoided me like the friggin plague on the court.. I honestly tried to hit the ball, but when someone else comes runnig full force for it, yeah I'm gonna move...
    I'm sorry they made you feel that way, but every week I left feeling the same.  I wouldn't say you're too sensitive.  Is this an ongoing event, or was it just a get together last night?
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