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Shoe repair shop in Arlington or Tysons?

I have a pair of slingbacks that's a bit too loose in the back.  They're adjustable, with a mini-"belt" and buckle, but even the existing hole furthest in is still too loose.  Is there a shoe repair place anyone can recommend who could create further holes in the leather strap and have it look relatively natural?  Thanks.

Re: Shoe repair shop in Arlington or Tysons?

  • I've had a pair of boots fixed (the heel lowered) at a shoe place in Tysons corner center. They did a good job for fairly cheap. The name escapes me, but it was on the second floor, in a side hallway. Near a cookie shop -- Mrs. Field's or Toll House, I can't remember which. There were a ton of shoes there -- it looked like they get a lot of business.
  • I just used an upholstery needle to do that to a pair of my shoes.  As long as you space it evenly, the hole itself doesn't have to look pretty since the buckle will be in it anyway.
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  • There is a small place right on Lee Hwy in Arlington called Sam Torrey.  It is next door to a 7-Eleven and right near George Mason Drive.  When I nannied for a family in grad school they always took their shoes there.  Good luck!
  • I'm not sure if it's the same place that wellesleywife is suggesting... but i go to a place at tysons, near the banana republic. it might be near a mrs fields or something but the only landmark i remember near it is banana. i've taken lots of shoes and boots there and they've done amazing jobs every time

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