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Anyone feel like people your age are racing you in the game of life?

I seem to notice that our married couple friends seem to be racing at life's milestones.   The latest and greatest getting pregnant and having babies.  My husband is feeling caught up in this 'race' and wants to have children at the same time so our children aren't the youngest.  We are both in online graduate school, and working full time.  I told him that life doesn't have to be a race and that we have time to have children (we're 27).  We decided it is probably best to wait until we both feel ready.  Anyone else noticing things like this? 

Re: Anyone feel like people your age are racing you in the game of life?

  • My friends no they are racing themselves. To many people, women and men alike get caught up in social pressure. I am 27 also and I don't want kids and people swear I will change my mind and I tell them;"The only way I will have a child is if God provides me an oops."  Several of my friend got married right away, got pregnant, got house and everything. To me it is mariage on steroids.Waiting til you are financialy stable is responsible everyone else just wants what they believe you should have.
  • Yeah we know a few people like that. just make sure you and YH stay on the same page and stay out of the race.
  • Nah, I don't really get caught up in that.

    Just remember, if life is a race, the finish line is death.

  • Thanks for listening - I also think figuring stuff out first is responsible.  It's just something I'm noticing lately.  DH and I talked more last night about the whole baby issue and I think we are on the same page for now.  It's not worth jumping into something when you don't feel ready - it is just a recipe for resentment and disaster.  Smile

  • Hello!  I lurk here often but had to add because I so agree!  Its like as soon as you date its like when's the engagement, then the wedding, then immediately afterwards everyone's expecting you to pop out kids.  I feel like there's an hourglass of "me" time running out everyday or something.

    And the worst is when you try to explain that you don't feel ready or you want to wait a few years they look at you like you are crazy and try to guilt you into changing your mind by saying, "oh you don't want to be an old mom", or "dont wait too long in case there's problems", or "you're never ready." 

    Yes I know this but I really don't feel like being a baby factory just yet thanks.  Ok vent over. 

  • Hi...I'm a lurker as well..

    It's funny, dh and I just had a talk about this today (except I'm the one who's battling the "maybe we should have a baby" thoughts).  Glad to see other people think they are crazy as well :) We are both almost 27 and watch couple after couple from high school (in small town Michigan) get married, rush to have kids, buy homes and dogs.  I feel somewhat left behind, but at the same time, we are having the times of our lives living away from home (in L.A.) and just picking up and going to the beach, camping, hiking, hotel-ing, etc.  It's weird, it's like they are all just doing it to keep up w/ the joneses. After buying a house, having a kid, getting some dogs, what's next? Crazy. Just a race to the finish line :P

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