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IUD - does it matter when in cycle

you get it? I just thought about it... My appointment is 1 week after my period, and then I will finish that round of BCP before relying solely on the IUD.
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Re: IUD - does it matter when in cycle

  • they recommend that you get it when you're on your period because your cervix is open.  it's easier to get in and less risk of expulsion i believe.
  • I know the Mirena is effective immediatley. They like to insert during period to ensure youre not pregnant....
  • Not worried from a BC point of view... just for ease. They didn't ask about any of it when they made my appointment, and it was arranged back in June, so I could have done the math BCP and all, but was wondering. Hopfully the Dr can deal with my closed cervix.


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  • I'd really recommend getting it done while AF is here... I had the mirena put in 3 days after AF was gone and it was probably one of the worst experiences of my life.  Also, you don't need hormonal BC after insertion, as the IUD is effective immediately. 

  • I'm getting the Mirena IUD put in, in 2 weeks. The doctor told me to call the office when my period starts and they will get me in that day. Therefore, my pill will end the previous saturday before my period. I won't start a new pack. It is effective immediately.?
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  • I had mine put in on day 3 of my period.  My period stopped the day after and I've only had light spotting during my period since.  I suppose it's because I got it put in during my period and the hormones prevented my uterus lining from building up, I have light periods now.


    If you've never had children, I would think during your period would be best because then your cervix is softer/more flexible and slightly dilated.

  • I am getting Mirena in 2 wks and drs. office did not mention anything about period.  I am glad it is ok to get it put in during my period as I did the math after scheduling.  Thanks for the info.  I will not call and reschedule the visit now.
  • Least painful and easiest to go in @ the end of your period.

    Effective right away, no need to finish your pill pack.

    Natural m/c Oct. 2005
    Dx: balanced translocation and LPD
    TTC since Oct 2011
    BPF 02/19/12 ----> EDD 10/31/12 ----> natural m/c 02/28/12 (4w6d)
    And we're on to IVF, BCPs starting 10/17, stims 11/7: Lupron, Gonal F ---> too high estrogen, coasted for a few days then added 2 doses of Ganirelix; lots of measurable follies; 9R, 5M, 4F, 1 passed PGD, 1 3B blast transferred 11/23; PIO til ET, then PIO and Endometrin BID; +HPT 12/2 (9dp5dt), Beta #1 12/3 297, Beta #2 12/5 739/progesterone 69, Beta #3 12/12 ___

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