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VP Choice

I promise this is not going to be a political post- I like to keep my politics private- but I will tell you on a personal level I like the fact that Sarah  Palin is a high powered working mother of five who had child with Down's syndrome and recognizes that he is just as special as any other child just with a different number of chromosomes- that did impress me. So does the fact that Nancy Pelosi raised five children and went on to become Speaker of the House. I just get concerned when people make comments that how can they stand to leave their children - as if to imply they are bad mothers for trying to make the world a better place. They are in a true parenting partnership and I think it is so awesome that their husbands play such a big role in their children's lives - and isn't having a stong relationship with your father just as important as having one with your mother? Of course I am biased as a working mom of 5 young children ( I own a business) whose husband is a stay at home dad. I think fathers are equally capable being the primary caregiver! Mine is amazing. Here is to all of the strong working mothers out there making positive changes.Go Sarah Go Nancy!

Re: VP Choice

  • while i think palin (or more accurately, her beliefs) may be scary for other reasons, i agree about working mothers/stay-at-home dads not being an issue at all for me.  my dad stayed at home with me until i started preschool while my mom worked in the corporate world, and it just lead me to respect her even more with all that she had to balance.  i didn't read all the posts below though, so i'm not sure if this was a hot issue or something earlier?
  • I think Sarah Palin is probably a very wonderful woman (despite our differences on some fundamental issues). ?I think she will be criticized about her choice to go to work because she is in the (very) public eye and that comes with the territory. ?She could bat her eyelashes the wrong way and people would pick on her. ?I think criticisms by the media and the public in general are often unfair and not valid. ?Although I won't vote for her or McCain, I do respect her as a professional and a governor and a woman. ?Good point. ?Yay for great dads!
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