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Do Mainers Swear Alot?

I'm curious about this one because I notice that men here in TX always apologize if they swear around me, something that NEVER happened when men swore in Maine. And I think it's so funny because I'm always like "right, I didn't even notice" because, yeah, I swear all the time too! I get the feeling that a lot of people I meet down here are like "yeah, she's klassy." I just IM'd my friend who's also from maine and asked this question and she said "f-in' a right!"

 So what do you all think?  Are we Mainiacs a bunch of cussers?

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Re: Do Mainers Swear Alot?

  • i swear ALLLLL the time!  I have the worst potty mouth...part of it i think is from working in a kitchen though HS.  When i lived in TX i noticed a lot of maam and sir usuage so i can see them not swearing a lot. 
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  • I've lived in the South and up here and most men that swear in front of me apologize. I know I have a bit of a potty mouth though Embarrassed
  • I just said to my niece last night (as we were actually leaving Maine - go figure) that I needed to stop talking like a "friggin' truck driver" :) Great role model I am!
  • I swear quite a bit...I think it adds "color" to my language haha.  I think the South is a lot more proper in that sense - even my friends in NJ don't swear - I like it though and find it very funny when people do swear.
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  • I think its not just Maine... I think its the northern thing in general... we don't have as many of the social things as southerns do... they are far more conservative and traditional as opposed to the north that was like ahhhh hell who gives a sh!t about tradition... remember... New Englanders are the rebels who threw a boats worth of tea into the ocean and kicked up enough dirt to start a revolution!  I don't think its Maine in particular that swears a lot... plus a lot of those southerners are pretty stuffy in their manners!
  • I agree, I think it's a north vs. south thing.? I swear way too much, and I'm not from Maine!

    Every time I glanced at the name of this post I thought it said, "Do Mainers Sweat A Lot?"

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  • I just asked DH this question, since he's the native Mainer in this household.  His reply:  "Hell no!"  Wink

    One of DH's co-workers has a 3 year old daugher.  CW was driving his daughter somewhere one day when she surprised him by yelling "get out of the way ass_hole!"  CW had a talk later that night with his wife about the amount of swearing she does while driving. 


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  • I swear a lot more than I used to, but that's because my high schoolers are bad influences. LOL!
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  • hahaha, yup, I have super bad potty mouth
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  • I am not a huge swearer, but I'm not a Mainer -- I like to use swears for emphasis when teaching though (students love a good sh&% once in a while!).?

    DH is from Maine, but raised by a pretty catholic family so he's not a big swearer either. ?

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