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What did you think of Obamas speech


Re: What did you think of Obamas speech

  • then i guess you know a lot of them are deplorable! and no one especially a vet should have the sub par housing and especially medical care that they get!

    Are you talking about Veterans Hospials or are you talking about Walter Reed? If you are talking about WR that is NOT a veteran hospital that is a military facility and it was horrable that it was allowed to get like that. My hosptal in not only one of the best veterans hospitals but also one of the best hospital in this area. I will tell you vets do NOT get sub par care. They get care above and beyond what you or I would get at a private facility. There has been more then once I wished I could be cared for by the doctors I know. They are careing and do everything that can be done for their patients so they can lead a productive happy life. Can a doctor make then compliant NO a doctor can only advise them to take the meds or care they have ordered. If the vet doesn't want it that is their choose. Vets have access to programs you and I will NEVER be able to get. I really don't think you know what you are talking about on this subject. 

  • I think Obama's greatest strengths are that he is new and fresh.   Perhaps he's not jaded by how the government works and is truly optimistic about what he can accomplish.   I think his relative inexperience allows for a more open mind, and possibly even an ability to "think outside the party."   Of course, the backfire could be huge.   If he speaks big and doesn't deliver, there will be a backlash.  

    I think he's a charismatic and genuine guy, which is more than I can say for any Democratic nominee since I've been cognizant enough to have a political affiliation.  

    But, I'm extremely wary of all the "change" he references.   I don't want the government to experiment with my money, especially if it fails miserably.    I'm worried he'll bite off more than he can chew, and the middle class will be the ones to suffer for it. 

    As a side note, I LOVE how the Democratic party criticized John McCain's VP choice by saying how he's determined to overturn Roe v. Wade.    For all those individuals out there who didn't have to sit through 2 semesters of impossibly boring Constitutional Law.....the president CAN'T overturn Roe v. Wade.    What the president CAN do is appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.    Then, a state would have to pass some sort of law banning abortion.   Then someone would have to sue the state for the law being unconstitutional.   Then it would have to filter through the District court and Federal appellate Court (assuming it doesn't start out in state court as a violation of the state constitution).   Then the Supreme Court would have to decide to hear the case, which would pretty much only happen if the lower courts allowed the law to stand, which would be unlikely because they're supposed to follow precedent (Roe v. Wade).  Then the Supreme Court would have to figure out a pretty darn good reason to overturn precedent (it's not something the court often does).   Most justices, even the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court does NOT believe in overturning sound precedent.  

    So, I'm going to go out on a limb, and say it's probably impossible to overturn Roe v. Wade.  And I'm pro-life!    Just makes me laugh when that's a scare tactic used by Democrats for every Republican candidate.    We could elect the Pope as president, and Roe v. Wade would stand.  

  • Donny, thank you for backing up my unclear assertion that roe v wade will NEVER be overturned. Worry about late term and parental consent/notification but if Reagan, George and Georgie didn't overturn it, it has to be more difficult that people want it to seem.

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  • actually the verterns hsopital in manhattan where i worked during my internship in college was absolutely disgusting! and i wouldnt bring my dog there. so while the one you work in might be nice the one i worked in was i actaully am not making this stuff up off the top of my head.

    and i was also talking about all the cuts that are being made to vets health care benefits.

    The U.S. House of Representatives approved billions of dollars in cuts to veterans' programs over the next 10 years?on the same day it unani-mously passed a resolution of ?unequivocal support? for the nation's troops overseas. Proposed by President Bush as part of his 2004 budget plan, the reductions?estimated at $28 billion?would erode health-care benefits already stretched by other budget shortfalls, raise costs, and decrease veterans' access to medical care.

  • There are already social programs that exist to help said crackwhore and her dysfunctional children. Why don't we work on improving those since they suck before we call on government to add more mediocre programs will be even less effective, staffed and funded.

    The primary reason I am for minimal services on the federal level is because our government is crap for implementing them and even crappier for funding them.  God forbid we entrust any more to them than necessary.

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  • Lhalsey315 I want to know what VA hospital you work at because I've had first hand experience since my husband is an OIF injured vet. We're in Houston, and just the thought of how they run things and take care of their "heroes" is absurd. Going to the VA hospital means either make an appointment and they won't be able to see you until three to six months from now or going to the emergency room and being in the waiting room for about 5-8 hours before you get seen. I really think that all the men and women who have given so much for our country deserve alot more than this.

  • I support Obama-I think everything he promised will be difficult to accomplish but I believe he is the change we need in Washington.

    In response to some previous posts:

    All of us who have had the privilege of having attentive and caring parents should be grateful. It is incredibly ignorant to judge those who have had a different upbringing. Poverty is cyclicle; if your grandmother had a child at 15, your mother at 15, it is probable that you will too. I am not saying that this creates an excuse or that getting pregnant at 15 is alright because of your family history, I am simply stating that when you grow up so used to something, it becomes your way of life.  Yes, I agree there are so many things wrong with our county programs, but judging does not improve the situation. I consider myself LUCKY to have student loans and go to work everyday! Instead of complaining, it sounds like you need to get more involved as a volunteer.][/IMG]

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  • Sometimes I feel like this country's mentality can veer to much towards the "Me" attitude instead of the "We."  There's too much me, me, me, and ONLY me. My mom came on a refugee boat during wartime and my dad fought alongside Americans.  They worked their azzes off to build a life here.  I work hard as well earning multiple degrees so I can be successful in this country.  But that doesn't mean I should hoard all my "riches" and say f-- you to everyone else.  It is pretty obvious that the current and past programs haven't done a whole lot so instead of crossing our fingers and hoping maybe this time it'll work, why not a change?  I'm not saying a complete 180 change, but if it's not working why keep going at it?  Politicians leave a bad taste in my mouth as well.  But after spending 8 years under the Bush regime, I don't see much difference with McCain.  Now if we can only get Mr. Terminator outta office then I'd be a happy camper.
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