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I'm getting a new-to-me car tomorrow!  I'm excited.  I sold my beetle at the beginning of the summer for $600 over book value and am buying a 1999 Volvo V70 cross country wagon for $1500 under book - I just feel like a tough wheeling-dealing lady.  I took it into the shop today, and it needs brakes but otherwise is sound, so I used the estimate to talk the man down.  I'm so excited for my new car, it is so nice with a moon roof and heated leather seats and a HUGE trunk for my puppy and all his friends.   It's high miles, but volvos go forever and I only have to drive around town for work.  And it will be so safe and spacious for my future babies. 

Re: Also!

  • My first car was a "hand me down" Volvo, I was so embarrassed to drive it at first but then I grew to love it and miss it dearly. It had been through so much but still ran like a champ!

    Before it was mine, it was my step dads and in jr high he would drive me to school and whenever we took a right turn (into the school parking lot) the horn would about horrifying for my self conscious jr high self!

  • Yay!! Congrats! Way to get a deal too!!As little as I've been driving my car lately we've been talking about just selling it since DH has a work truck I can use his during the day. In the spring I'm going to get the Volvo SUV.
  • Hey, that's great- what a good feeling to get a good deal AND have a fun new car!

    Rock and Roll

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  • Yay new cars are fun! Whether they are new to you or brand new it is always exciting!
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  • Congrats on the new car! My family have always been huge Volvo fanatics- my first car was a grandfathered down 1992 240 station wagon, which as surprising as it may sound, I am still driving today (Benny the Volvo is a BEAST!). You're definitely right, they do run forever as long as you keep up on the maintainence!
  • One thing... please please please don't put Henry in the trunk area!! Keep him in the back seat!


    When I was working at Jacks in Farmington there was an accident in front of the store... someone had slowed down to turn into the store and the person behind didn't notice the blinker or something and slammed into the back of the wagon in front of it... the wagon had a dog in the back trunk area... he was crushed between the seat and the rear end of the car... the EMS couldn't get him out... he was still alive after the accident and ended up dying while still pinned in the back of the car.


    I get nightmares... or daymares whatever you call them... whenever I see a dog in a car like that! 

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  • Oh god, that's awful!
  • I know.. I don't want to put a damper on your new car... I just get nervous.... :)


    I am sure it is going to be a great new car and that Henry is going to love it! 

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