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How long to try new BC?

I have been on Yaz only since Sunday, and have been nauseous, shaky, tired, and had a headache since then. I can't decide if I should stop taking it or hold out for a few days. Anybody have experience with actually getting over it?

And yes, I did call my doctor, and she just said it's my call and will give me a different prescription if I want, but I can't get it started until next month, so would just have to go without for a month and restart again next month, back to Ortho Lo which I used to be on.


Re: How long to try new BC?

  • I have never been on Yaz and it's been a while since I've been on the pill...but I do remember feeling like that the first week or so on the pill when I would go on it after not having been on it for a while.  It should go away unless there's another reason for it other than your body adjusting to the hormones.


    Is this the first time you've been on BCPs?

  • Oops...I missed the part about you being on OTC prior to this.  Yaz is probably a different kind of hormone than the OTC and your body isn't use to it I would give it the month and see how you feel.
  • The "standard" is 3 months...but if you feel like this for more than 3 weeks end your misery and switch back OTC is cheaper anyways.
  • Certainly give it a few weeks at least.  Everybody adjusts differently.  I have been on Ortho, Yaz, and now LoEstrin24, and I have tolerated Loestrin by FAR the best.  I think I was kind of nauseous on Yaz in the beginning, but that went away--my headaches never did.  HTH and GL!
  • Ditto to pp - the nausea is pretty typical when you start a new BCP.  I was on Ortho, OrthoLo, Loestrin, and a ton of different generics.  In the end, no BCP worked for me, so I got an IUD. 

    Anyway, it might help if you make sure not to take it on an empty stomach.  I took mine in the a.m., and I always ate a handful of saltines and drank a 7up or Sprite before taking the pill.  That definitely helped.

    Hang in there and see how your body adjusts.  GL! 

  • My doctor recommended trying a pill for three months.
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  • i've heard of other girls getting nauseous too and it went away with time. i have been on YAZ for about 6 months and have liked it, but not loved it. i tried another more simple birth control a year ago and it made me gain weight, so i have worried about that but havent seen any change yet!! :) however, i dont see it helping my skin at all, and my moods have evened out alot, but when i get moody, its ridiculous. its usually only for a day or so, but i feel soooo irritated. i can't get past it. has anyone else experienced that?
  • I would give it a few weeks.  Take it until the end of your active pills and see how you feel.

    My other advice is to take it before you go to bed.  I do that, because then any weird nausea or shakiness that I get in the few hours after I take it are covered up because I'm asleep!  If I take it any other time of the day I feel weird for several hours.  

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  • Just like the pp said, I too would suggest taking it before bedtime. When I first started the original Yasmin 5 years ago I felt the same way you described and I was taking it in the morning. I just take it now when I get ready for bed and have been fine every since! I think the sleep definitely masks any nausea one might feel.
  • I know everyone says to stay on it and wait it out...but I was on Yaz for maybe two or three weeks before i switched to something else. Yaz made me feel very ill and I nearly passed out in the store once. That was my final straw. I called my doctor and got switched to Seasonique right away. I think you should know the difference between adjusting to a new pill and your body not reacting to it properly. Yaz is in a different type of family for a lack of better terms, than Seasonique and other types of BCPs so maybe you can ask your doctor to switch you to something unrelated to Yaz. I also used to be on Ortho Lo and it worked really well. You could always switch back. Not sure why you'd have to wait a month to do it tthough. I never waited and havent had a problem.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better!

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  • My doc always told me to trial a pill for 3 months.  But I was on Yaz and it was horrible.  Like an idiot I stuck it out for the 3 months thinking it would get better. 

    Hated that pill, I was so sick on it I could hardly get to work some days.  I switched back to my original Loestrin and was already feeling better after a week.

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  • Thanks for the replies!

    I couldn't take it anymore so I quit. I have been on three different ones over the last 7 years or so, and I'll probably switch back to OTC or something else. Now the quest for the next one begins. Maybe I will try a couple of your suggestions on here. My doctor doesn't really have a preference because she says you just have to try to know, which I am finally beginning to understand!


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