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Rave Review for John Russo's Wine shop

I stopped off there yesterday and got to talking to John R. What a nice guy!! I asked for his input on Pinot Noirs and he lead me to a section and started talking about all these kinds of wine. He is good friends with the owners of my two favorite wines, so he was sharing all these stories about the different names of the wines and how they came to be.  I might even have a really good lead for my work event, which was a bonus. I was able to count a trip to the wine shop as work releated. ha ha. Too bad I couldn't expense the bottles of wine I bought.

It is located off Kalamazoo Ave, north of 44th street.

Re: Rave Review for John Russo's Wine shop

  • I saw an ad for them in the paper, glad he was helpful. I'm always a little apprehensive going into wine shops since I don't normally drink wine, and when I do, I'll drink what I'm served.
  • I love John.  He's a great source of wine knowledge, and is always willing to share.  He's got a smaller selection of wine than his brothers, but he happens to have a lot of my favorites.  And, his son (Mike, I think?) did wonders behind the deli counter.  M faved about the quality of both the quality of the proscuitto I bought, and how well it was cut. 
  • Love that shop!

    Ben & Shana - August 27, 2005
  • I fell off the Russo's planet. What happened with all of them?? Is there still a store on 29th st? I need to get back into that place.  

    *I am guessing that the "sons" broke off and are doing their own thing? 

  • Em-- The 29th St store is still open, and the two are not affiliated.  From what I understand, John sold his share in GB Russo's to his brothers.  More recently, he wanted back in the business.  When that didn't pan out, he opened his own shop. John's kids seem to have left GB Russo's and work with him now.

    This may not all be correct, but that was what I heard. 

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