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weekend plans?

what's everyone doing?
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Re: weekend plans?

  • I got ahead of myself in terms of house work this week (it's amazing what you can do when you don't have school to worry about after work) so tonight we're just taking the dogs out to the bush for a walk and then hanging out.

    Tomorrow I'm going to sort through my summer clothes and see what fits/what I still need and then I'm going shopping!  We have a Buck and Doe tomorrow night.

    Sunday I'm reading. A lot.

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  • I'm incredibly excited because I started a new diet and tomorrow is my cheat day.  I'm planning my meals carefully and packing them full of carbs and fatWink
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  • Flying Pig Half Marathon! Geeked

     I hope to finish Water For Elephants on the plane


  • Hopefully going to the local track tomorrow to watch and bet the Kentucky Derby. :) I'm a huge horse racing fan, so this is an annual thing for us.
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  • Going to a drag show tonight with some friends.  Work has been insanely bad this week, and today is just taking the cake!  My school is in a sort of lockdown mode.  Kids are staying in their classes and we aren't supposed to let them out of the room, but the doors don't have to be locked.  Ugh, is it time to go home yet?
  • Tonight: Going to a friends for a cook-out

    Tomorrow: grocery store, need to shop for some maternity clothes already too. Maybe visit some family.

    Sunday: Having some family over so clean in the morning and cooking in the afternoon.

    I hope to read and catch up on shows too

  • Tonight: Watching my students in their musical.

    Tomorrow: Going to the zoo in the rain, book exchange shopping, and hanging out with some friends.

    Sunday: Trying to keep dry from all the rain we are supposed to have.

  • I have a fun weekend planned! I'm just afraid that I am getting sick. Tongue Tied
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  • OMG, I clicked submit without actually typing out my plans. It's such a Friday.

    Tonight: Getting a massage, going out w/ friends to watch the Lakers game

    Saturday: Taking a party bus to the casino / outlest mall at stateline

    Sun: Cheering on the OC marathon runners, going to a sorority alum thing

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  • Tonight: cleaning a little, working on wedding stuff, and reading

    Tomorrow: hair appointment. the rest of the day is undecided.

    Sunday: cousin's confirmation and brunch, then wedding stuff

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  • We may go to Derby day at the racetrack tomorrow, but I don't have a fun hat.

    It's also the only weekend day in the last week or two that isn't supposed to be rainy, and we need to do major landscaping/gardening chores when it's nice out.

    Tonight, we'll probably watch the Tony Ja movie we've netflixed. Sunday, is a clean up the house and laze around day. I may take our scaredy dog to my parents' house to meet their scaredy dog.

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  • We're supposed to have BEAUTIFUL weather, so I'm stoked about that, but I have all this stuff going on all weeked, I feel like I won't get to fully enjoy it!

    Tonight - friends are taking me out for my birthday (which was 3 weeks ago) - I have no idea what we're doing, because we never let each other know.  It may very well be something I don't even like, because we've done that to each other before.  Either way there'll be alcohol, and I'm not paying, so I can't complain!

    Tomorrow - hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party for a friend that just started selling it.  Blech.  Also watching the FLYERS/Bruins game and the Derby.

    Sunday - our neice's first communion.  Again, blech.  between the church and the party, it's gonna be an all day thing.  My first communion concluded with a couple of relatives at my parents house for drinks and pickies.  These kids have a hall rented out for a huge catered party with everyone they've ever known invited.  It's insane.

  • Tonight : Nothing, hopefully just reading some of my Harry Potter book

    Tomorrow: Undecided, either stay home, clean house, and read or go do something with my mom (DH has drill).  Either way, I plan to go to my library's book sale tomorrow.

    Sunday: cousin's step-daughter's 1st birthday party

    Siggy coming soon....
  • Tonight:  Probably having a few drinks out back with MH and my book

    Tomorrow:  Philly to pick up my registration packet, ***'s for some running gear, then relaxing and eating lots of carbs/protein for...

    Sunday:  Broad Street 10mi Run in Philly!  This is my first long run (I've done 2 other races, both 5mi each) so I am really excited!  It's going to be really warm for running which stinks, but I'm still looking forward to it.

  • Tonight: Supper with my parents, sister and nieces

    Tomorrow: Getting sized for and ordering my wedding dress!!

    Sunday: Pole workshop with Karol Helms (USPDF Miss Sexy 2010)

    Somewhere in there enjoy some reading, go to church, spend some puppy time with Beta (puppy therapy is the BEST)

  • Tonight, DH and I will snuggle up in bed after Ben goes to sleep and watch the new shows from last night (Community, The Office and 30 Rock).  I hope there were new ones, we have it set to automatically record.

    Other than that, nothing much.  Food shopping and errands.  I need to do laundry and start getting ready/packing for our trip to Chicago next week.  I'm taking my daughter so we can look at colleges.  We also have some extra time and plan to do some sightseeing.  So excited!

  • Tonight we are going over to some friends house for dinner and watch Avatar.

    Tomorrow, hopefully just relaxing at the house and gorging myself on my favorite Chinese tomorrow night! I would eat Chinese food everyday if DH would let me.

    Sunday singing and playing at church, then we are supposed to have lunch with the in-laws. That night I am having a girls night to hang out, drink wine, and watch It's Complicated.

  • Tonight- Laundry, Pizza, Game night at a friends house.

    Tomorrow-Lunch and BN with a friend, manicure, foodshopping, dinner date with MH, and possibly seeing the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie with another couple.

    Sunday-Going to 4 open houses and then dinner at my parents.

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  • I'm heading to my IL's for the weekend (they live in the mountains).  I'm excited to have a relaxing weekend away :)
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]<P><P>

    Bazinga! <P><P>
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  • Tonight hanging out with DH.

    Tomorrow: Derby party with the UK Alumni here in Texas

    Sunday: Recoup from Derby party


    Cinnabun and Junebug say, "Go Wildcats!"

  • Weekend is a combo of things. 

    - Dr Appt

    - Car repair

    -Shoe shopping

     - CPA exam studying

    - SIL birthday party

  • Today I have a dentist appoint at noon and since it's going to be 90 today here in the Philly area, I plan on cranking the ac, eating ice cream and reading.  I *might* go to the library and suck on their ac for a little while.  It all depends on what time I get done with the dentist.

    Tomorrow, I have to go to church and grocery shopping.  I'm also hoping to squeeze in a nail salon trip somewhere too.

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