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NBR: Darn Oil Spill in the Gulf

The place is STINKY!!! And the super sonic pregnancy nose is making it worse.

I'm in the Guard here in Louisiana and they've started asking for Volunteers to help with the oil clean up since it's already started to come on shore. 

I love my leadership because they put me down as Not Available since I'm 9 week along and really can't do too much to help. I told them if they need someone in the office or a phone answerer then I would be willing to help out. It would be good money and since I'm not working too steady with substituting it might be worth it. They said they would see where they stand after they contact the whole unit.

While it will suck to have to go in since I had a lot of things planned for this weekend... it's money. If they call I just have to be prepared to bring a lot of books with me. 



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Re: NBR: Darn Oil Spill in the Gulf

  • I've been following the oil spill and it makes me sad :(  I rememeber seeing a Dawn commercial showing how they used that to clean the animals in another oil spill and that's all I can picture when I hear about it.  And the whales they photographed swimming in the oil...yuck.
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  • That's nice of them to not expect you to do more since you're pregnant.  The unit my FI was in would'nt have cared.  If they had any pregnant women, they probably would've sent them out anyways.
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  • It is. I have great leadership that really takes care of their troops. I haven't heard back from them if they wanted me to come in, but I know they had a 50% call up of the unit and they are supposed to report in today. I guess I won't be needed anytime soon.

    DH on the other hand works for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and he is on stand by. He's a biologist and I have no idea what they are going to do with his office. I really don't like the uncertainty in this situation. They said it could take up to 3 months to clean up the mess.  



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  • LovesMM: bet your DH has some stories!  Good luck in your state, I know we're all going to need it.

    We're expecting it to reach AL Sunday I believe and we're on standby to help w/ wildlife cleanup.

    And the Dawn commercials are true....but its not as easy as dumping some Dawn in w/ some water and washing.  Its got to be a certain temperature and depending on the oil and certain percentage of Dawn.  Then you have to change out bins and there's a special point when the bird is clean and has the soap all rinsed out.  Its a very intense process and extremely stressful on the birds and other wild animals.  I mean, you wouldn't want some big scary monster holding you and touching you right?  They have THEBEST Oil response teams down there and we're just waiting on the word from them.

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