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Can I vent? Crappy week.

Sorry, I know I'm not around too much, but I need to vent.   I have had a crappy week in terms of medical stuff with my son.   I said some of it in the "Dear" post the other day. 

I just got a bit snippy with the person on the other end of the phone when I was paying a hospital bill for one of T's ambulance transfers.   The bill has all of my insurance info on it, but they won't bill the insurance b/c they said most insurance companies don't cover ambulance transfers.  Well, mine does.  Why do I know this?  B/c I was on the phone with the insurance company getting a pre-authorization claim number while my son was being put on the ambulance stretcher, with the insurance company person telling me that the hospital was crazy for making me call.  So even calling and getting that number didn't do anything, so what was the point?  I know the person I spoke with today had nothing to do with it, and it isn't really her fault, so I feel bad that I was a little snippy with her.  The insurance company will reimburse me in fairly short order anyway, so I don't even know why I felt the need to be snippy.

I think it has just been a long week for us.  T has had 3 different doctors appointments, skin pricks tests, a vaccine shot, and a blood draw and I've had to pick up two different prescriptions for him.  We found out he is highly allergic to eggs, and his allergic response is exacerbated by the medicine he is on.  It just upsets me to see my little guy go through so much.  He is a trooper though - after a blood draw (w/no anesthetics) during which he cried so hard, he got a plaster with a funny picture on it and he laughed at it.  So I guess he is holding up better than I am....

I think it was the vaccine shot that is really touching a nerve with me.   It was his third shot in a series (PCV), with the first two having been done before he was 6 months old.  The thing is, they added a few more strains to the vaccine this year and it now covers the strain that infected T in Feb to which he had a rare reaction.  I know it is not logical or reasonable, but it makes me sad/angry that if this shot had been available last year then it is likely that T would not have gotten so ill, had to spend so much time in intensive care, and have all of this ongoing follow-up.  It just sucks, even though it is just the way life goes.

 Thanks for reading/listening if you got this far....

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Re: Can I vent? Crappy week.

  • I can understand this stuff bringing you down! Medical stress is the worst kind, and I imagine it is multiplied times 100 when it is your child who is having the issues. I cannot picture you being mean, I am sure your snippy was jusitified and frankly, sometimes a little snip helps get things done. Snip with a smile, that's what I say.

     Let me know if there is anything I can do! I have lots of free time, I am happy to pop by for some tea and chat with you and little T!

  • I'm so sorry Beannie :( I can only imagine how frustrating all of this is. At the end of all it just know you will have your happy little guy, hopefully with no more reactions, and he is worth it! (hugs)
    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • Thank you ladies.   I just reread what I wrote - what a pity party.   I need to get over my "this all never would have happened if....." mentality with regards to that vaccine.   It's just scary sometimes to think that no one knows what, if any, long terms effects T will have from this ordeal.   Hopefully none.

     Lane - I would love to have you round for some tea.  Do you have my email addy?  Also, not sure I ever congratulated you on your pregnancy - very exciting! 

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  • I think we just became fb friends right? Send me a message on there and let me know when you two are available! I am pretty flexible!
  • sounds good - will do!

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  • Not a pity party at all! You obviously are having a stressy time and need to vent - and tha'ts what we're here for. Poor T! I hope his allergies are getting under control, but he does sound like an absolute star! And I agree with Lane, you were probably entirely justified in your snippiness!
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Sorry it's been so rough. Hopefully everything starts going better soon.
  • Vent away... you guys have gone through a lot lately. Sometimes it all comes to a boiling point and you just need to get it off your chest. I'm sorry T (& you) have to go through all this... it's the pits. I hope things get better soon. Hang in there.
  • Thanks so much everyone.  I am definitely feeling a bit better today.   It helped to find out that the blood that was drawn on Wednesday turned out to be enough for all of the tests (allergists & nephrologists) so T shouldn't have to have more blood drawn next week.
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