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BR: teething

Collin has 4 little white dots on his bottom gums. The two on the left are bigger than the two on the right. He hasn't (knock on wood) been too cranky yet. How soon after you saw the dots did your LO get cranky and how long after did the tooth cut? Just wondering what this beautiful weekend has in store for me! :0)
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Re: BR: teething

  • I only saw white dots once, and the tooth came in really quickly. Every other time the tooth broke through before I saw anything.

    You may want to freeze some wet washclothes for him to chew/suck on. Some babies love it, some hate it, but it's nice to have the option ready to go when they get cranky. We usually do the cold cloth or a carrot/celery stick would work great too. Cold and juicy to bite on. I tried baby Orajel once with Alex and she HATED it. She cried until she could feel her mouth again. It works for some though.

  • I first saw those little white spots around 3-4 months. Charlie didn't get his first tooth till 7 months. Now he has 3 teeth working on the 4th and 5th. I think Charlie has been in the most pain when they are starting to come through. You will see where there is like a crack on the gum, where the tooth is coming through. He was cranky and very clingy (Kinda like when he had shots) a few days before it came in.
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