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I hate it when people don't come back...

and respond to questions in their post or address issues brought up.  I'm not talking about those that are obviously MUD.  I mean people who have obviously been here for awhile, post a real issue, we respond, ask questiosn, etc.

Then................................. nothing.  Never another peep from them.  Are they even reading our responses?!

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Re: I hate it when people don't come back...

  • I agree.  I especially hate it when clarification is needed in order for us to give informed answers, and the OP never comes back to explain.  I just don't get it - do you want advice or not?
  • Ditto this... sometimes the story unfolds so much more with responses from the OP. It's such a bummer when they cut and run.
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  • I think a lot of people get embarrassed by what they asked, then like to pretend they never asked in the first place.

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  • It's so annoying.
    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • To this day I still want to know WTF chix & noodles are. She never came back to tell me.
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  • LOL!  I remember this (Chix n' Noodles)!

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  • Seriously, there is no reason to be's not like you are going to run into most of us at the grocery store and we'll whisper about you when you pass...
  • I agree with you, it is rather annoying at times, not knowing if the advice was taken or if there is additional information that can be useful for the advice giver, but if I may say in a "I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings" kind of way, sometimes, the advice that is given is issued in a way that some people could regard as rather hurtful/rude/impolite/etc.

    Not that that's the intention, clearly, but a newbie (in particular) who comes here and might ask a question that's in the flavor of a question that's been asked a zillion times before might therefore earn replies that are in the style of "oh, you're kidding? AGAIN!???!?!" and aren't sensitive to the idea that each person is new, each person's problem is their own, and is very touchy for them. Yes, others have been through it, or something similar, for sure - but for the individual posting, it's a personal matter and it's causing some kind of pain or distress or other tension. Hearing that they're "just like someone else" isn't helpful.

    Also, some people are just scared to bring up their personal issues online. Yes, it's "private" (to some extent) but it doesn't always feel that way. So they might ask the questions they have and then try to enter a world of denial, wherein they didn't share their personal issues with perfect strangers.

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