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unhappy with my wax

I got a full brazillian and full leg wax today. I've gotten this done plenty of times before, with no issues or problems, by various people. The girl was very nice, and seemed to want to get a few stubborn hairs in the bikini area. Once I got home I did a good look over everything, and noticed a lot still on my inner thigh going into the back of my thigh. I'm surprised that she could miss this much, it's not like its a few stragglers, which is normal, but its a few strips of wax worth on each leg! Usually I just go over with ym tweezers to find strays, but this is too much.

What's the ettiquette when i call the spa back tomorrow? Just ask someone to redo those areas and clean up? I probablly cannot even get in there until sometime mid next week. I'm just glad I wasn't leaving for vaca or anything.

Re: unhappy with my wax

  • I would call and politely let them know what happened.... and request someone ELSE to redo those areas.


    Never gotten a full brazillian though. How does it feel? 

  • The same as when you get your nails done and you get home and notice a big spot missing on one of the sides or the nail is not straight enough, etc....


    Just call back and say that everything looks great but that you noticed a large area that was somehow missed and you would appreciate it if they could fit you into their schedule to take care of it as soon as possible.  However, if you can't get back till next week....that is kind of pushing it.  I would go within 3 days.  Anything more than that.... I just don't know.  

  • I also wonder how it feels to get a full brazilian too.


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