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bored to death :( POLL

list your 10 favorites:

1-movie  (something about mary)

2- book  (jackie collins: chances)

3-vacation spot  (vegas)

4-alcoholic beverage (bombay and tonic w/ lime)

5-food (pizza)

6-hottest nfl player (tom brady)

7-dog breed (pitbull)

8-shoe (flip flops)

9-car (the new audi suv)

10-perfume (angel)


Re: bored to death :( POLL

  • 1-movie  Grease

    2- book  Don't really have one

    3-vacation spot  Ireland

    4-alcoholic beverage margarita

    5-food anything mexican

    6-hottest nfl player don't have one

    7-dog breed Boston Terrier

    8-shoe Flip flops

    9-car a mercedes

    10-perfume light blue

  • list your 10 favorites:

    1-movie - American History X

    2- book - oh crap I can't pick just one.

    3-vacation spot  - Grand Cayman

    4-alcoholic beverage - Blue Moon or red wine

    5-food - sushi

    6-hottest nfl player - *gulp* TO.  He's got amazing teeth! fight me. Hank Baskett is my 2nd runner up.

    7-dog breed - Beagle or pug

    8-shoe - flats or flippie floppies

    9-car - Right now Infiniti FX-35, Infiniti G37s or Nissan 370z

    10-perfume - I don't really do perfume. Drives my sinuses bonkers.

  • 1-movie  - Dumb and Dumber

    2- book  - I haven't read a book in years

    3-vacation spot - Jamaica

    4-alcoholic beverage - beer, wine

    5-food - taco's

    6-hottest nfl player -Tom Brady

    7-dog breed - Beagle

    8-shoe - sneakers

    9-car - Navigator - all pimped out

    10-perfume - Heavenly by Victoria Secret

  • list your 10 favorites:

    1-movie - A League of Their Own

    2- book - Jemima J by Jane Green

    3-vacation spot  - Bermuda or Barbados

    4-alcoholic beverage - ML or g&t

    5-food - fettucine alfredo

    6-hottest nfl player - Tom Brady, even though I think he's a dbag

    7-dog breed - none, I don't like dogs

    8-shoe - flip flops or sneakers

    9-car - whatever gets me from point a to point b

    10-perfume - Provocative by Elizabeth Arden

  • 1-movie  -hmm...probably Shawshank Redemption

    2- book  -I love so many books, new favorite, Moloka'i by Alan Brennert

    3-vacation spot  -Maui, Hawaii

    4-alcoholic beverage -Hefeweisen

    5-food -mac and cheese or meatballs.

    6-hottest nfl player -ehh, I don't really like many nfl players...I miss Dhani Jones

    7-dog breed -Shih Tzu

    8-shoe -flip flops

    9-car -I'm not really a fancy car person, but Audis look fun.

    10-perfume -I don't wear much perfume, but when I do, I like the DKNY green apple one...I have no idea what it's called.

  • 1-movie  Gone With the Wind

    2- book  too many - This Much I Know Is True, Wally Lamb

    3-vacation spot  WDW

    4-alcoholic beverage miller light and pino grigio

    5-food so many..i will just say "cheese"

    6-hottest nfl player -

    7-dog breed  english bulldog and golden lab

    8-shoe flip flops

    9-car mine

    10-perfume armani-mania

  • 1-movie  (Shawshank Redemption)

    2- book  (A Time to Kill)

    3-vacation spot  (Turks and Caicos)

    4-alcoholic beverage (Beer but I would take anything at this point)

    5-food (anything mexican)

    6-hottest nfl player (tom brady)

    7-dog breed (cairn terriers)

    8-shoe (flip flops)

    9-car (bicycles all.the.way. cars don't appear to like me anymore)

    10-perfume (angel)

  • 1-movie  Grease or Pretty Woman

    2- book  umm...Water for Elephants maybe?

    3-vacation spot  Mexico

    4-alcoholic beverage Various white wines

    5-food German noodles (sort of like spaetzle)

    6-hottest nfl player Tom Brady

    7-dog breed  Goldendoodle

    8-shoe in my dreams...Christian Louboutin

    9-car '57 Thunderbird

    10-perfume Missoni Acqua

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