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Big pee problem!!!!

Hmm I was wondering of one of you girls have the same problem as me.....?


Every time me and hubby have intercourse it's so nice and stimulating, but when we are done I have to go to the toilet and go have a wee.This is embarrassing. Isometimes think that my hubby dont like it. Please help  

Re: Big pee problem!!!!

  • BF knows I need to to prevent UTI's. It's not a big deal.
  • I do that as well.  I don't understand how this can be embarrassing.  As the previous poster stated, peeing afterward helps prevent UTIs.  Just head to the bathroom and then go back to cuddling or whatever when you're done. 
  • You should be peeing anyways after sex to help prevent UTI's. Also, you shouldn't be having sex with someone you are so uncomfortable around that you can't tell them you are going to pee.

    It's not like you're going in there and having explosive diarreah. There is nothing to be embarassed over, it's just pee. He pees, you pee, I pee, everybody pees.

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  • As the others said, it's not a problem. It's your body's natural urge to keep your urinary tract clean. Your husband needs to grow up if he has a problem with it- all women do it (or should do it)
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  • Void before sex and after it as well.
  • This isn't a "big pee problem!!!!" I was expecting to read that you pee all over your husband during sex (accidentally, not the golden shower). Like the pp's (haha, no pun intended) have said, it's normal and healthy to urinate after intercourse. It's your primary defense against UTI's.

    I wrote this! 
  • Yeah it's what you should be doing anyways.  Don't feel bad about it.  Most guys know this.  If he doesn't just explain it to him. 
  • image Violet_McPurpleson:

     He pees, you pee, I pee, everybody pees. 

    Isn't that a book?

    OP - you should read it! 

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  • Here are some remarks to your posting ? you?re in black with responses in blue.  Hope this helps!!!

    I was wondering of one of you girls have the same problem as me.....?  Honey, we all have or do so don?t worry about it ? it?s as natural as intercourse itself.   We all must take care of any UTI?s before we get one.

    Every time me and hubby have intercourse it's so nice and stimulating, (that?s great that you?re having and enjoying a romp in the hay) but when we are done I have to go to the toilet and go have a wee.  We all must care for our unitary track so it doesn?t become infected.  This is embarrassing. Why should it be you?re just taking care of yourself?  I sometimes think that my hubby don?t like it. If this is a problem then it?s time you had a little talk with him so he understands why you don?t wish to have a UTI to put up with.  Please help.  I hope this will answer the question about why you need to take charge of your body ?

    He benefits from this as much as you do ? since he enjoys intercourse with you and wouldn?t like having to wait 4 or more weeks while the infection runs it course.  He?d not like it as much waiting so he could have you again!  Right!!!

    ~~Emily~~  Yes

    Life is what you make of it ?
  • I pee after sex. As PP have stated, you're really suppose to anyway. After I orgasm, I feel the need to pee (it doesn't matter if I had sex or not). 
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  • This shouldn't be embarassing for you or a problem for your DH.  I always make sure to go to the bathroom to pee and clean myself up a little after sex.  It's a healthy thing to do.
  • As PP said, it prevents UTI's but it also prevents yeast infections. I am prone to the latter so I take all precautions. Yes, sometimes it's nice to savor the moment.

    It's also more than likely that he is pushing on your bladder while inside. I often have the urge to pee while we are still having intercourse.

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  • Um.  I guess I'm concerned as to why this is embarassing and why your DH wouldn't like it.  Is he concerned you are off in the bathroom finishing yourself off because you faked?  I mean, that's the only problem I'd have for my signifant other to use the restroom.  I mean, hell.  How old are you?
  • If he has a problem with you getting up to pee after sex, you could always just pee on him.




    But seriously, we all do it. I am hyper-sensitive to UTI's and my FI knows that. He'll even remind me when I'm too tired/drunk after sex to actually get up and go.


    ETA: I meant we all do it as in we all go pee after sex. Not that we all pee on each other LOL.

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