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Am I being too senstive?


Re: Am I being too senstive?

  • That's great news Sarah!  Good luck to both of you!
  • I worked in a restaurant for many years, and going out after work is definitely popular.  The other women were right -- they do need to decompress after a long night.  Going home and going to bed doesn't do that.  You didn't mention your schedule or how close your home is to his workplace, but maybe a compromise could be him bringing some of his work friends back to your place.  That way he is still hanging out, but he is around you. 

    The restaurant crowd can be dangerous to a marriage just because the nature of the business makes you super "friendly" and very close.  If you decide that one night a week you go out WITH him (like Friday), and he goes out after work once without you (like Tuesday), maybe along with my former advice, you will feel more comfortable.  At the same time, he will feel like you are not putting a leash on him.  Make HIS people, YOUR people.  Then you can enjoy each other's company, and you can know his world.  He will appreciate whatever effort you put into that, I am sure.


  • I dated a chef for a while; the hours are ridulous and the job is totally stressful.  That being said, do you think your husband has a drinking problem?  I didn't know how to write that delicately, so I apologize for my bluntness.  My ex had a drug/alcohol problem and so did many of the people he work with.  You need to be honest with yourself...  Spending more money than agreed on hanging out is not a good sign...My husband now is a great guy, but my time with my ex was stressful.  We fought about the same thing.  Love yourself enough to be honest; than do what you can with protecting yourself in the forefront.

    I am sending good thoughts and prayers to you...


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