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Allergy Relief

I have suffered with allergies all my life.  Some years they have practically forced me indoors all the time.  I moved to the shore fulltime 5 years ago and hoped they would improve.  They got worse.  After suffering with no meds last season while pregnant, I wanted to get a jumpstart on them this year.  I started taking 1 tablespoon of locally made honey each morning and have had the mildest symptoms at the worse.  Just thought I'd share.

Re: Allergy Relief

  • I heard about this and bought some local honey.  I'm not sure that it helped, but then again I haven't been religious about taking it every day. 

    I'll have to get on more of a schedule of doing it and see how it works.  I'll try anything at this point!

  • Ok I need to know more about this DH has the worst allergies I have ever seen with an annoying cough. Do you just eat it straight up or in tea or something?

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    P/SAIF welcome!
  • I have heard of that too!  There is a local honey place in Cherry Hill that I bought some honey from at a craft fair.  It is actually blueberry flavored (slight hint of blueberry).  I can check on the name of the place in case anyone is interested.
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  • I have never heard of this! I would love an alternative to the Flonase and Allegra D I have to take every day.
  • I am so going to try this! I've been having the worst time with my allergies this year and between my right eye watering non stop and this cough I can't shake I need a good remedy! Thanks for posting!!!
  • I have heard so many other people say the same thing about local, raw honey. I'm going to have to have my hubby try it this year. We've used Hyland's Seasonal Allergy Relief, and it has worked pretty well. I like it because it's natural and safe. I believe you can probably even use it while pregnant or breastfeeding (although you'd have to check Hyland's website). There are some other good homeopathic brands as well, but we like Hyland's a lot. But we'll give the honey a try as well, because it can only help.
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