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period after iud removal?

Not necessarily the first period you had, but the ones after... I got my first post-iud period like three days after removal, but here I am expecting it today or tomorrow and I don't have a single. sign. of it. I normally spot for a couple days before I get it... nothing.

 So, does it sometimes take a few cycles to go back to normal (similar to the pill)?

Re: period after iud removal?

  • I have no idea what is supposed to happen but I just got my second period exactly 28 days after the first.

    I really could not stand the IUD- I had the Mirena and feel it did wreak havoc on everything in my body. So I am sure there can be a few months before you regulate for some people.

  • mine came just as usual. i had one two weeks after and then i got it right on time the last two months.  everyone is different though.  I definitely wouldn't worry/get excited for another week or two.
  • Everyone is different.  I started AF 3 days after my IUD removal and that was almost 2 weeks early.  The Dr. said not to worry.  I then started on regular 30 day cycles until recently.  Then I started having irregular cycles, but my IUD has been out for a year.  The irregular cycles must be stress related. 

    I've also heard that a lot of ladies have really light periods right after IUD removal and sometimes for a few months.  Mine was extra heavy.  Like accident causing heavy.  It took a few months to lighten and now the "flow" is pretty normal.  I used to joke and say that after having hardly any spotting for 2 years it was back with a vengeance.

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