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Good morning ladies!!

I haven't been on in a while but it seems it's been the same for everyone else too :)

Just checking in to see how everyones week going? 

 I feel like the days have been flying by and I have a lot going on....after my last post about my sisters bridal shower favors I found out that they are now pushing the wedding back a year, so atleast that's one less thing to worry about and when I do plan the shower it will be a piece of cake since I have everything picked out already :)

Our big news is that DH and I are offically TTC and I'm excited and scared all at the same time :)  I know it can take a while but I'm so nervous that something will be wrong with one of us, but I guess that's normal.  We haven't told anyone b/c we don't want to be constantly asked, even though we already are, so atleast I can tell the girls on here.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I'm very jealous of the girls who are on vacation or leaving soon!!!!

Re: Good morning ladies!!

  • Good Morning! My week is crappy, but in 11 days I will be in FL so I'm just trying to keep my eye on the prize!

    Congratulations on officially TTC! That is very exciting news. I wish you and your DH the best of luck, although hopefully no luck will be needed :-)

    We're still on the fence as to whether we are going to start TTC this summer or next, so we'll see about that in a couple months.

    Hope everyone has a good rest of the week too. Happy Hump Day!

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    2012 Reading Challenge

    2012 Reading Challenge
    Stacy has read 24 books toward her goal of 35 books.
  • Your so luck your going away!!  You going to Disney?  I've been dying to go back!

    We were back and forth with when we wanted to start TTC also but DH and I were both very ready and we aren't getting any younger :)  (I'll be 29 in 2 weeks and DH will be 30).  I also think that after having my niece around it really pushed it up for us.  Thanks for the luck :)

  • I wish we were going to Disney, but we're going to my parents timeshare in Satellite Beach. It's about 20 minutes from Cocoa Beach and the condo looks right out to the ocean so it's the next best thing!

    I hear you about not getting any younger. This is a huge factor in our decision because there is 10 years difference between me and DH. (I'm 25 he's 35) so while I feel like I could wait another year or two, he's really feeling the pressure of 40 right around the corner!

    I totally bet seeing your niece born recently has helped move you guys along. We would totally be the same way if we had a similar situation.

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    2012 Reading Challenge

    2012 Reading Challenge
    Stacy has read 24 books toward her goal of 35 books.
  • hey girls. NYgirl - congrats on the decision to TTC. have fun! :) Are you using ovulation predictor kits or anything? I used the CBE digital ones and I think they were great. We just had sex every other day during the week I thought I was ovulating. I took the digital tests and made sure we had sex the day I got the "smiley face". I never charted or took temps.

    I'm working from home tomorrow - can't wait. I think I'm going to take Jack for his first haircut. I've been putting it off, but now it's getting in his ears and his face, so I think it's time. my little baby is getting too big!

  • phillygrl: Aww, his 1st haircut...I love when little boys get their 1st cut they look like little men :)

     I'm using the internet cheapie ovualtion kits and they have been great so far.  I'm also charting and they have been great with giving me a heads up.  I'm trying not to drive myself nuts b/c I know it can take an average couple a year but I do find the whole charting thing to be great b/c I feel like I've learned so much of what's going on with my body.

     Pumpkinseed: Heck I would take any place in FL at this point :)  Have a great time!!

    and yeah I can see how your age difference would be tough but guys can have babies into their 80''s better that your both ready, and waiting a year won't do anything

  • phillygrl: The first haircut, that's big time :-) I hope he does well for you!

    NYgirl: I agree a year isn't too bad to wait, so we'll probably end up doing that. He just wants to be able to coach all the sports he thinks/hopes our kids are going to be involved in and that's all he keeps thinking about when we talk about waiting. You know how men can be, very tunnel visioned :-)

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    2012 Reading Challenge

    2012 Reading Challenge
    Stacy has read 24 books toward her goal of 35 books.
  • Congrats, Kristin!!! And best of luck :)
  • image eb629:
    Congrats, Kristin!!! And best of luck :)

    Thanks Erin!

    Pumpkinseed : Ah, yes I know how men can be, DH is funny about all of this.  He has plans for our kids to play hockey and I keep asking him what happens if we have a girl first and his response is "I make boys first" :)  He also thinks that every headache or dizzy spell I have means I'm pregnant.  If it was only as easy as he thinks..haha

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