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SC is killing me...

Okay, not really, but I feel like it. Is the pollen this bad every year? I feeling like I'm dying on a daily basis, and no amount of OTC allergy medicine is helping at this point. I've never been to a doctor for allergies before, but I may have to...

Everyone keeps telling me this is a particularly bad year, but if they're lying...I'm gonna be really mad! ;) I can't wear mascara anymore because my eyes tear up so bad in the morning I end up crying the entire drive into work. I feel like I'm going to wreck my car because I sneeze so violently while I'm driving. Not to mention the general tiredness/crankiness/inability to breathe...I want to find a bubble and just hang out in there until it all goes away.

So please tell me it's going to get better...(and happy Monday!)

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Re: SC is killing me...

  • It seems like it is worse this year.  Although be thankful you don't live in the middle part of the state where I grew up- with all those pine trees, the pollen was killer!  I've been lucky and haven't been affected so far, which is unusual for me.  Hope it gets better for you soon!

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  • All I can tell you is that in the 2 years we've lived here, this is the first year it's bothered me. I had to go to an allergist, but it didn't help much. And whatever the prescription he gave me was, DH recommended I not fill because he had it as a kid and it's quite addictive. So I just take zyrtec on nights I can't sleep.


    Hope you feel better soon!

  • This would be the first year I have taken my friend's advice and had a spoonful of local honey. I kid you not...I had a spoonful and my allergies went away that day!!! 

     Check your local supermarket or perhaps even organic store.  I found mine at the Mauldin Fruitstand (for the Greenville folks). 

  • I have only been here for the spring of 08 and 09 and this year, but I can say for me, this year has been SO MUCH WORSE than previous years.

    I've started taking 2 Zyrtec a morning, and that is helping a little bit more than the 1 the bottle says to take :-P

     But from my limited experience here I would agree that this year is indeed worse than usual.  In the previous years, I didn't take any allergy medicine at all, and this year I am a snotty teary mess without it.

  • it usually gets better around late may.
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