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It's Friday!!!

And it couldn't have come fast enough.  I'm ready for the weekend even though I'll be super busy.

Tonight will consist of homework and finishing a school project as well as cleaning.  Tomorrow we're having an open house since we'll be at Body Worlds on Sunday with some friends.  I'll be getting ready for the open house all by myself, because H will be at school all day.  Kind nervous, but at least I can clean things the way I want :D  At some point this weekend I have to go over to our storage unit and get my summer clothes for Jamaica. 

What are everyone else's plans for this weekend?

Re: It's Friday!!!

  • Thank god it's Friday!!!  This week has been so crazy long that I'm sitting at work LMAO b/c I put on a brown shoe and a black shoe today :)  Yup, in need of a weekend :)

    I have my niece all morning tomorrow then DH and I are going out for a friends B-day for drinks...other then that..LOTS of relaxing!!

  • Yay for Friday and that the weekend is here!

    I don't have too much going on this weekend.  I'd like to make and Ikea trip and then on Sun. I think I have my baby shower w/ DH's side of the family. 

    Izzy - I'm VERY jealous of your upcoming vacation - Enjoy!!!!

  • Have fun at your shower, SC!

    I'm so happy it's Friday. We're going into Philly tonight to see a gf's new place and eat at Roy's! I'm excited.

    Tomorrow will consist of cleaning out our cars and the garage and then another gf's birthday celebration.  

    image Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • So glad it's Friday and I'm working from home. My allergies are awful. I'm going to the Dr at 10 to get some nasal spray and I think I have excema on my hands from allergies or the weather. so annoying!

    Tonight we're just making pizza and having some wine. Tomorrow we have a 1st bday party, then heading to the mall to use my Gymbucks. Sunday - hopefully just getting things done around the house, and finally painting the toybox my grandfather made for Jack!

  • image phillygrl16:

     Tomorrow we have a 1st bday party, then heading to the mall to use my Gymbucks.

    I couldn't wait to use my gymbucks(I had $100 worth of them!) I used them online wednesday(they let you use them online a day earlier) and cannot wait to see everything I ordered for Taylor! Hopefully you'll make out well at the store. I don't know about boy's clothes, but their girl stuff gets totally wiped out at the store. I do so much better online!

    This weekend is great b/c we have NOTHING really going on. DH is going over our friends house this weekend to help them finish their basement, so I plan on just doing stuff around the house. I desperately need to clean up our yard~the mulch and plants are a mess from the winter. Other than doing yard work, if the weather holds up DH and I will take Taylor and our dog Leo for long walks to the lake/park by our house when DH gets home. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  • i am not doing anything this weekend.  K's soccer game on sat...then a netflix movie.  anything that does not require me to move sounds great!

  • I hope everyone has a great weekend!

     We don't have any plans which is just what I need. We're going to do some yard work tomorrow and possibly go to SIL's lacrosse game. I'd like to hit up Gymboree this weekend to use my gymbucks but maybe I'll check out online first.


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