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Good morning!

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!  I can't believe it's done and over with already.  Luckily I didn't eat too much chocolate :)

We had a crazy weekend with out pup....DH had it at work with him on Friday and on the way home he cut through his parents neighborhood.  Well our god must of wanted to stop in b/c he jumped out of the window of the moving car!!!  Luckily DH was only going 20mph and the dog just got banged up and some road rash :(  I'm so happy I wasn't with him b/c I would of had a heartattack, poor DH looked like he had one though.

Sat night we went to The Lakehouse in Frankilinville...WE LOVE IT!!!  Erin I can see why you like to go so much :)  We hung out at the outside bar and it was SO nice and the food was great too.

Then Easter we just went to my Mom's for dinner with my sister, her FI and the baby. My mom had my grandmom out of assisted living and took another lady home too who had no family taking her for Easter.  They were so cute and it was too funny having too women with dementia around the table :)

Oh and can anyone tell me how I get a bird to stop flying into my bathroom window?  This stupid bird has been waking us up by banging into the window for the last 4 days all morning!!!  There is no nest near the window and nothing above it.  The window has curtains and shudders on it so it's not like it's clear and it thinks it can fly through it....It's driving me NUTS!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!!

Re: Good morning!

  • How big is your dog? Your lucky he wasn't hit by another car!

    Jerry & Diana 8/29/09

    TTC since 11/2009

    HSG 4/2010 dx blocked tube

    1st IUI 8/10/2011 50 chlomid + ovidrel bfn

    9/2011 follicle on blocked side no IUI 50 chlomid

    2nd IUI 10/14/2011 100 chlomid + ovidrel bfn

    3rd IUI 11/6/11 Letrozole + ovidrel bfn

    4th IUI 12/30/11 Follistim + ovidrel bfn

    5th IUI 1/26/12 Follistim + ovidrel no ovulation bfn

    6th IUI 5/24/12 Follistim + novarel ovulation confirmed bfn

    7th IUI 6/17/12 Follistim + novarel proj check 6/22/12

    P/SAIF welcome!
  • He's 75lbs   I know, there are some many things that could of happened...even his leash getting caught on something in the car.  Poor DH was a nervous wreck!
  • oh my god~that is why I always keep the window just cracked on his side when our boxer Leo is taking a ride in the car.
  • image christine52078:
    oh my god~that is why I always keep the window just cracked on his side when our boxer Leo is taking a ride in the car.

    We had the window just cracked a little but we think he leaned on the window switch and it opened we have to use the window locks

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