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The Big 30!

Hello all,

I turn 30 in December and I have no idea what to do for my b-day.  My DH wants to go to Dave & Busters; but I am not sure if that's what I want to do.  I had a Bus Party in mind; but DH doesn't dance and made it clear that he won't have a good time.  We are a bit tight on cash; but I still want to celebrate with my friends.  Any ideas? 


Re: The Big 30!

  • If you have the space for it, have your friends over.  Order platters of apps, salad, etc. so it's not a huge headache and consider hiring 1-2 waiters/bartenders for the evening so you can enjoy yourself.  It will probably be more budget-friendly than renting a room in a restaurant and paying for everything there. 

    I'm not sure what a party bus is though.  

  • I am in the same boat as you.  It has generated lots of discussion between DH and I!!!  Our other issue is that all of our friends (no lie) have kids.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy for them and I love kids, but if we don't make it kid friendly, then there is a good chance that not alot will come.  Which, seriously?, I'm planning on having beers and cocktails!

    So anyway, we are leaning towards having it here at the house.  It will be cheaper, and if people really have to bring their kids, then they can.  I also like the idea that DH doesn't have to be a dd!  My only issue with having it here (also on a tight budget) is that DH wants to put on the invite, "No presents please, if you wish to bring something, bring a dish to pass."  I agree with the no gifts part - I really don't want friends to spend the $$  I'm just not sure if the last part is tacky??

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  • I think a house party will be nice and seriously, as long as there are other kids around, they can play with each other and the parents can take turn keeping an eye on the kids. Just make sure that you have toys accessible so they can occupy themselves, or have a kid-friendly movie playing. I have seen a "No Gifts please" on invite, and I don't think it was tacky at all. If it were me, I would probably put no gifts please and if people ask and insist, you can say - well, you can bring a dish to pass. And leave it like that.

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  • A Bus Party is basically a bus that drives you to three different clubs (alcohol & food is included), pretty much someone drives you around with out worring about drinking and driving.  I don't want gifts if they have to pay for the party bus.

    I like the idea about having it at home; but DH thinks since it's my 30th we should go out. 

    Thanks ladies for the input...once we figured it out I'll let you all know. 

  • Are there any bands playing at your local pubs/ bars? Start out at home with some food and drinks then go out to see a band or whatever. Dave and Busters is kid friendly, but really lame for an adult turning 30!

    Try to win stuff too through local radio shows. Good luck!

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  • I am turning 30 too- and my DH wants to do a big celebration. He's asked me for "guidance". We have gone from having an all out party with a venue, caterer, band, etc- all the way to renting a room at a restaurant- and having them do everything. It's caused much discussion in our house!

    We still don't have a firm idea- but getting there. email me if you need more ideas- we have come up with a slew of them! ribrown2001 at yahoo dot com

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