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Dumb assss at work spoiled my surprise shower ;(

Girl at work asked me to come and fix her email because it wasnt working again. I swear I have to fix it 5 times a week.

Anyway, the email she had pulled up was titled re:re:re: Rachael's Baby Shower

I fixed her email while trying to avoid seeing any details and didnt say a word to anyone else. 

How sweet of them but so disappointing the surprise was ruined :(

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Re: Dumb assss at work spoiled my surprise shower ;(

  • Bummer, dude. Well, on the bright side, now you know which day to look your cutest. :)
  • But I didnt see the date! lol

    So the day will be a surprise but its still a bummer that I know now

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  • why are people so clueless??  My SIL threw me a shower that my mom totally ruined the surprise for!  I'm talking to her on the phone and she kept saying they were coming down such and such weekend, but wouldn't be able to make it this weekend (shower weekend).  I'm all 'ok,  whatever." and she keeps we won't be there.  You know, for your big party...."  I felt so bad!    I pretended it went over my head and never mentioned it to H or anyone!

  • Something similar happened with mine, except the coworker PLANNING it accidentally copied me on the second email reminding everyone that it was a surprise.  He even had a code word picked out.  I played dumb for a while, but most of the office started whispering the code word every time they walked passed him, so it eventually became too hard to keep a straight face.
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