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Anyone have experience w/Canadian Immigration?

So DH has Canadian & U.S. Citizenship & we moved to Canada in January.  My permanent residency application was filed in December, DH was approved as a sponsor in January and the rest of my application has been in process since then.  I sent everything buy the medical exam w/my application in December.  In Feb. the medical exam was requested and I had it completed less than a week later.  Last week I get a letter stating that they don't have my FBI certificate, but I submitted it in Dec.  Question is... if you have experience w/this process, did you have similar problems?  Should I consult an attorney?  It's near impossible to get in touch with someone who will discuss anything with you & they just tell you to send an email or fax, but it's been a week since I emailed them & still no response, so I'm starting to panic.  Any help &/or suggestions would be great.  TIA!!! Tongue Tied

Re: Anyone have experience w/Canadian Immigration?

  • I've never had to deal with Canadian immigration, but I work in UK immigration. Here are some general tips when dealing with immigration in western countries:

    Don't send things by emails or faxes. Send things by recorded delivery, and keep the recorded delivery number. That way, when you call in to check if it was received or if it is being worked on, you can quote the delivery number, which you cannot do for an email or fax ( which are easy to be deleted, lost or shuffled around endlessly. Any recorded delivery MUST go directly into your case file - which eases the organization process for both them and you )

    If your only problem is that they are requesting a second FBI certificate, you probably don't need an attorney to deal with this. Is it that much of a headache to just get another one? Did you take a certified copy of the one you sent in?  Send them a letter via recorded delivery saying that you had submitted one previously, but will procure a second one asap and thus need an extension of time until you are able to submit a new one.

    Then send in the new one again via recorded delivery with a second letter from yourself again explaining the situation.

    Quote your full name, birthday and nationality in all correspondence, as well as any case file numbers they have given you.

    As well, in my experience, waiting a week for a response from an immigration department is not a long time at all. Don't panic, quickly send in a letter ( not email or fax ) requesting more time and/or the information you require and you should be able to get it sorted out. If it makes you more comfortable, call them again a couple of working days after you have sent the letter to confirm that it was received.

    Good luck. 


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  • My experience with Canadian immigration was pretty seamless so I can't really help much. I agree with Tofu though, waiting a week for a response is not a long time

    I can absolutely recommend the forums at Road to Canada - it's full of people with all kinds of experience of Canadian immigration and they are always happy to help and answer questions or direct you to the right professionals when needed.

  • I moved from Canada to the US and all the advice I got was to make sure you make multiple copies of everything you send in incase they do lose their copy so you can re send it. 

    and to send by certified mail with a signature upon reciept of the documents so you know someone in the office signed for it.


    I would say your only option now would be to get the FBI clearance again (or if you have the form re send it yoursef) 

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