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is it "green" to whack down a tree for a garden?

DH uses the only sunny spot in our yard for growing hops. But I really, really want to try gardening. I think I could get enough light if we whack down just one of the trees in our backyard . . . it's not huge but I still feel kind of bad.

Re: is it "green" to whack down a tree for a garden?

  • Depends on what you will do with the cut down tree and whether you will plant another one to make up for it, I think.
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  • Depends on the kind of tree.  Chinese tallow or other invasive species, whack away.  Mature Oak or Magnolia, I'd think twice.

  • No input on the tree, but what kind of hops do you grow?  DH and I homebrew, and I'd love to grow hops as well. 
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  • I'm not even sure what kind it is, one of those skinny-ish ones, I'm pretty sure non-native.

    DH grows a few different kinds. Cascade has done the best, I think.

  • Can you plant another tree on your property in its place?
  • not sure where I'd put another one. We have several large trees and a few skinny-ish ones. Hence needing to whack one to make a sunny-ish spot for gardening.
  • Could you transplant it elsewhere?  Would one of your neighbors be interested in it, if you don't have room?

    We transplanted 2 apple trees at my sister's house when we decided we didn't want them (too much mess).  The deer by her love them.

  • It may not be entirely green but I say do it given you will be utilizing the space for gardening.  I would try to replace them with something (like a shrub or two) if space for a tree is at a premium on the property.   

    We need to take down two trees on our property because they are just not doing well in their location due to lack of sun.  Will we replant the trees?  Probably not because any other tree will have the same problem since the oaks shade just about everything else out.  So we plan to plant some additional shade loving shrubs instead. 

    We are in GR too BTW. 

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