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My plant/flower obsession- pics

Ok So I finally took some pics...alot of pics!

This is one of my favorites - Freesia. It's gorgeous and smells fantastic.

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View Raw Image' jQuery1270048721068="48">

Rannunculus, Mums, and down at the bottom are diasies that grew from seed so no flowers yet.

View Raw Image' jQuery1270048857422="48">

My herbs! Rosemary, basil, garlic, chives, and cilant ro - and marigolds.

View Raw Image' jQuery1270049004788="48"> ,

Petunia and pansies. 

View Raw Image' jQuery1270049307710="48">

View Raw Image' jQuery1270049417809="48">

Jasine - which I LOVE. Not sure if it's gonna survive though, alot of the flowers have fallen off :( And mini roses from the 99 cent store.

View Raw Image' jQuery1270049556579="48">

A giant birf of paradise. Probably not a smart choice after I read the tag and learned they grow to 25 feet tall.. but it looks good for now. The flowers are wallflowers, suppossed to bloom year round are smell pretty.

In the back you can kinda see the planter by the pools. There's palms and we planted some hibiscus and sea lavendar.

View Raw Image' jQuery1270049654378="48">

Stock, rannunculus, anemone, and dianthus.

View Raw Image' jQuery1270049945509="48">

Geranium and mums - also from the 99 cent store (the mums).

View Raw Image' jQuery1270050277777="48">

And last - carolina jessamine that we're hoping will cover this wall.

View Raw Image' jQuery1270050447387="48">

Re: My plant/flower obsession- pics

  • You know the rules. ;)


  • Awww.. love the photos! So pretty!
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  • They look fantastic!  Great job! 

    P.S.  I love jasmine too!  Smells so pretty!

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  • Nice work I love ranunculuses!
  • image mrsmj2008:
    Nice work I love ranunculuses!

    Have you grown them before? From what I've read it sounds like they are fairly easy to maintain.

  • image BeckiC:

    image mrsmj2008:
    Nice work I love ranunculuses!

    Have you grown them before? From what I've read it sounds like they are fairly easy to maintain.

    Yes but dont take my experience to be worth much. As far as planting areas, we only have this pathetic 3ft x 3 ft patch of dirt in the front of our house where NOTHING grows. I've tried everything and they all eventually die. The only thing that has managed to stay alive is this awful palm tree the owners before us planted that I hate but I havent gotten rid of because it would make our pathetic patch of dirt look even more pathetic.

  • Omg WOW- awesome flowers, love the pics! :)
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  • Wanna come do my yard next??  Love the pics
  • nice! I so need to garden. My garden is sad since I didn't get to weed and maintain it last year while I was pregnant and this year, I just have no excuse besides having a baby who keeps me too busy and tired to get motivated.
  • Great job Becki!  It looks so pretty and spring like.
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