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Health & Vitality Check-In!

Alwyzbsy: To walk and do yoga 3 times a week.

AmoroAgain: To tone arms and do the 30 day shred.

AMrsin09: To do 30DS, start pilates again, cut way back on carbs and smoking.

AttaKat: To maintain a healthy, whole foods vegetarian diet and to get to 180

Bigfatgreekwedd: To re-start morning yoga and reduce back pain.

Blueberrie: To improve sleep to function better. 

BlushingRose: To complete 10k without dying.

Brainie: To eat healthier and get back into yoga.

Bridebahama: To lose 5lbs and strengthen core through running and yoga. 

Cakenbake: To gain less than 25lbs and walk/workout 3-5 times a week. 

Christit493: To lose 30lbs and 2 pants sizes.

chw57:  To run at least 4 days a week and lift at least 3x per week.

Clintsbabe: To eat healthfully, get regular exercise, tone up and lose weight.

Dubliner: To get back to yoga and eat more unprocessed foods. 

Esuvak: To get motivated and back into a workout routine.

Filleviolette: To get back to US size 4/6 through exercise and eating.

Hnorth: To lose 10lbs, tone up and lose flab.

jupiter2311: To go to the gym 3 times a week and lose 5 kilos.

justrachet: To walk at least three times a week.

Katie_F: To run a marathon. 

KimiCas: To start Couch 2 5k.

Lane: To eat like a vegan 2 days a week and keep up the workouts. 

Laurimi: To lose a stone in 2 months. 

Lelia: To lose 5 kilos, do some pilates 1-2 times a week, and run with the dog. 

LoopyNoodle: To do yoga daily, lose 52lbs, have a strong body and joyful mind.

mavjen: To gain no more than 30lbs over the next 7 to 8 months.

Melaina25: Get back in shape after c/s.

MoniqueJW: To build muscle and workout more. 

Moosesoar: To have a healthier 2009, exercise more and eat less meat and more fruit/veg.

Mrs. DRJ: To run 10k in one hour.

Mrs.E.07: To work out three times a week and lose 5 kilos.

MTS13: To workout 3 times a week, tone up and maintain weight.

muffie1303: To gain healthilly during pregnancy. 

Nanner: To get to bed by 10pm each night to prevent exhaustion.

Oneslybookworm: To lose 15lbs, eat healthier and workout more than not.

Peace_baby: To do SBD, more cardio and more yoga.

Pittpurple: To Run 5K on 13/06/10 Race for the Cure in Edinburgh!

Plainjanie1: To workout more and eat better.

Prettygirl06: To exercise at least 6x a week.

Sewatkins: To use the gym 4-5 times a week and train for 5k.

Ukyankee: To get back into workout schedule and eat healthier without depriving herself.

Valerie: To lose 3 sizes/15 kilos.

VegemiteWife: To lose a stone by Christmas with the South Beach Diet.


Would anyone like to update their goals?

How was the last week?

QOTD: What is your workout plan for the next week?

As always, newbies are very welcome.

Re: Health & Vitality Check-In!

  • I'm great. I'm LOVING the walks with Siri. He's got great energy but for right now his endurance limit seems to be 5 miles or 1.5 hours. That's plenty and considering he's only 4 months old it's frightening to think what he'll want as a fully grown dog lol. (Sorry, this is turning into a pet post).

    QOTD: My plan for this week is to walk at least 1 hour to 1.5 hours every day and do yoga a couple of times too.

  • I was doing pretty good with the gym and running and then H got home and the IL's are in town. I haven't had time to go to the gym or run much but we have been walking around like crazy so I don't feel bad and H brought me home some Yoga/Pilates DVD's that I can do at home! Next week I'll be a workout maniac after all the yummy beer, waffles and chocolate I'm going to eat/drink in Brussels!
  • I'm doing ok food-wise though all I really want is some buttery mash potatoes and some chocolate cookies - bottomless pit syndrome... I think I'll give in to the mash at least.

    QOTD: What is your workout plan for the next week?

    Go to pilates twice and lots of "step" as the only toilet left in the house is 2 floors up from the living room...

  • I'm doing well.  Sticking to my plan of 3 runs a week, and surprisingly the early morning ones haven't been too bad.  Unfortunately the diet hasn't been keeping pace, and I've been caving to the chocolate cravings.  I'm blaming it on aunt flo, so hopefully that will pass soon. 

    My plan for this week is to keep up with the running and watch the diet.  However, with our long weekend in Italy, I don't think it's going to work out too well.  I see a lot of pasta and gelato in my future.

  • I'm doing okay. Still struggling with the diet but I'm up to week 3 of the couch to 5k programme so on pace with that. This snow is screwing me up though - I can't cope with running through the slush and nonsense. Must get motivated to go to the gym today, must.

    My goal for this week is to survive week 3 and start week 4 on the weekend.

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  • Still half a stone to go :( Struggling to be honest, lacking energy, too cold to get out and exercise. Thankfully VegemiteDog insists I walk him, so that's a couple of miles every day, forced. (Loopy - your dog is insatiable with the walking!! 5 miles is a big walk!)
  • I'm doing ok! I have a better appetite, so I'm able to feel more healthy. Lots of walks since I've been home, going to yoga class today and tomorrow.
  • Went for a run today for the first time in ages!  It felt great, which is really good because I have to do a 8 miler on Sunday, the 11th!

    I am getting back in shape and hope the Spring will help movitate me!

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  • Great job Loopy, your dog is the CUTEST!

    I am doing really well, sticking to my workout plan and still having time to relax a bit.  My plan for this week is to finish off strong, at least 5 trips to the gym (2 down!) and to walk at least a mile with dog afterwards. The last part being a bit tiring due to Ruby still being a puppy and getting into everything, lol!

  •  I have only done yoga once in the last week, but have walked a lot, so that's good.  My workout plan for the next week is to walk at night, weather permitting, and do yoga several times.
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  • I don't really have a workout plan figured out for next week.  But I just wanted to say that I ran on the treadmill today!  I never run, ever, not even when I was required to in p.e. class.  It was a slow jog & only for a short time, but it really is a milestone for me.
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