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Is it okay to look?


Re: Is it okay to look?

  • image ReturnOfKuus:
    You know, I may be alone here, but I don't think you're being unreasonable.  If he's looking obviously enough for you to notice, telling you he thinks about bringing another woman in the bedroom, and commenting on other women's looks (even on TV) right in front of you, then he's acting like a classless buffoon.  I know this sort of behavior from men has become the norm these days, but it's okay to expect and demand better.


    Agreed, If it upsets you he should respect that.  Its simple

  • If Fi says something like how the girl on tv is "doable," I sometimes ask him who's better - me or her.  He invariably says me. 

    Thus why I am not jealous.  So long as he keeps saying I'm better, then I'm happy.

  • Sarah:    It is true the men of all ages are visual creatures.  Like your fiance says, looking is fine.  It is making references to "doing" some other woman, even though it is just talk, that is really disrespectful.  You are not crazy.  In fact, there is nothing wrong with you.  It is not the child in you.   When you feel insecure there is a reason and it is called trust.   You simply do not trust him because you have either been hurt before or he does something that doesn't make you feel secure.  Women have great intuition.  I would go with this if I were you. 

    It doesn't matter if you are 21 or 51, if you are not with a man who is going to respect how you feel about something like this, what is going to happen with bigger things that come about? 

    Good luck to you.




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