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Hump Day!

How was everyone's evening? Any plans tonight?
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Re: Hump Day!

  • Morning! Yesterday was just recovering from our trip. A quick grocery trip, some laundry, dinner at IHOP than a stop at IL's to pick up our keys since they were dogwatching and picking up our mail. Today-I'm back at work :( I have a ton of work to do but it's good feeling knowing I was missed and everyone was waiting for me to come back :) Plus I woke up to an email that my bro had sent me a $50 amazon gc for my bday. Yey!! I was able to get 3 books and 3 crafting tools that I had been wanting. Apparently my family knows me because they all said with my gc's I HAD to buy something for me and not the kids. After work I'm returning our coffeemaker-it broke..again. This time we are going to get a totally different one. Any recs? We want one that uses the pods. Other than that-just lounging at home.
  • Last night was good! We stopped at In N Out and had dinner and then headed over to the grocery store. We came home and relaxed and watched AI.

    Tonight - no plans! I would like to take a walk when I get home though. I want to take advantage of this awesome weather before it gets too hot!

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  • Kat: I love that disclosure. ;) & the fact that you were missed.

    Robyn: It rained out here yesterday. C was not happy that we had to walk straight indoors instead of playing outside.

    I have been so tired lately. P has been sick (yes, STILL sick) so I've been trying to do more around the house & have just been exhausted. C is having a really hard time w/teething. Poor guy. He bit me yesterday to relieve some pain, which of course hurt the hell out of me. He's never bitten me before! So I told him no the first time & yelled the second. Which of course made him cry. :( my poor baby. on the upside he didn't bite again. I was so, so happy when the race organizer returned my email! My name wasn't listed in the totals & I was worried they lost my info. Nope, just misplaced it I suppose. I was thrilled to find out I was 4th in my age group! I like to look at those stats instead of comparing w/the entire race group. Because then a 44 year old man beat me by seconds. Damn you Art...

  • Brandy - Great job on the run!!

    Last night I finally motivated myself to start running again. I downloaded the Couch to 5k podcast, put on my quasi new running shoes (I bought them months ago with the intent to start running with them and never did), put D on his leash and off we went. It felt great and I was surprised that I did as decently as I thought I did. D was beat by the time we got home, he started dragging the last few minutes of my run hehe. For dinner I made veggie burgers and they totally hit the spot! After dinner, we caught up on some tv and I read a bit.

    Today nothing exciting, I was going to try and go to yoga but I think I have to work late. =/

  • Good morning!

    Yesterday turned out to be a not-so-great day.  I found out that I will officially be unemloyed on 7/1/10.  My contract is up on 6/30 and they are unable to renew it due to budget reasons.  So, I will apply for unemployment, look for another job and be a SAHM!  We'll pull Sarah out of daycare (which absolutely breaks my heart...she loves it so much!) and have some quality mommy/Sarah time and depending on my job situation, enroll her in a "real" preschool a few days week starting in the fall.  We're really trying to keep a positive attitude!  It will all work out!

    To celebrate our "news" we went out to dinner last night to Goodfella's Cafe in Corona.  Actually, C had to take his car in and this place was next door.  It was pretty good!  Sarah had sherbert for the first time and LOVED it!  We got Sarah bathed and into bed as soon as we got home and finally watched Monday's "Castle" which was awesome!

    Today is just work.  Solar City is here to do the architecture study on the house for the solar panels we're getting (we're going to lease them).  I can't wait to get them!  We'll be saving about $75/month on average (including the lease payment) over SCE. And I love that we're going more EF! 

    No plans for tonight...except to get the laundry done so the hubs can pack for his trip (and I can get my stuff started too for the trip Sarah and I are taking).  A hot night, huh? 

    Hope everyone has a great day!

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  • Morning.

    Yesterday was ok. I took L to VG for pics - I still have some GC for Picture People - and they came out pretty cute. We got some ice cream and an awesome deal on clothes at Gymboree. He was being such a pill yesterday though, and he's had a runny nose and cough. I really, really, really hope it's just a cold!

  • Lori- sorry to hear about your job! Yes's for the solar panels though!
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  • Lori - I'm sorry. I love your positive attitude!
  • Lori so sorry to hear they're not renewing your contract. :( You're such a good orgainizer, I hope you either find or start a mommy group. I would be lost w/out my fellow mommies. Funny enough, we all met through meetup & eventually just dropped the group & hung out on our own. Now we see each other at the very least 2x a week. C benefits so much from his playdates. I know you'll find new friends for Sarah (& yourself)! GL & big hugs.

    Noush: Thank you so much! You rock girlie. Running w/a dog suuucks!

  • Lori- Sad I love your positive attitude. I am trying to keep one as I draw closer to knowing whether or not I will have my job next year. I don't think it is looking good.

    Monday I had another doctors appointment to check on my neck and got approved for yoga again. This is huge for me since I need to be able to do something. I am hoping to find time to do at least one class this week as  I slowly get back into it. I think I got used to not working out a bit too much.

    Yesterday was work and tutoring, so I don't get home until about 1.5 hour before my self imposed bedtime. I ate some dinner and watched tv with DH. I am reading Eat, Pray, Live right now so I am always hurrying off to bed to read it before I fall asleep.

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