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Good morning!

How is everyone today!? I thought it was going to be a yucky, rainy day, but it's nice out! Woohoo!

I went to my H's uncle's new restaurant opening last night. It's in Franklinville on Iona Lake.. used to be called Jake's... now it's called Lakehouse. If you're in the area, stop by! It's really casual, but they have a great menu with reasonable prices. They're open for dinner everynight and lunch on the weekends.

Re: Good morning!

  • It's crap out here.  It's misting rain out.  I'm not a fan.

    My cube mate came in today sick.  FABULOUS!  There is nothing quite like sharing a cube with a person just shooting nasty sick germs out of them.

    I'm going to be hosting a giveaway on my blog this Friday.  Everyone should enter!

  • Morning. I have a long day today. We're taking my boss to dinner after work because she took another position. I'm not looking forward to missing time with Jack tonight, so I left later this morning so I could play with him. It will be nice to go out to dinner - I just hate having plans during the week. I just like to go home.
  • Erin:  I'm pretty sure the place your talkiing about is were Drew's sister is working,  I think she's bartending.  Was it opened by a few guys? One is Rich Thomas I think.  You can't miss her she's about 5'11, skinny and blond :)

  • Yup - that's the place! My H's uncle is the owner, who also owns Italian Affair!

    We went last night, and she was our bartender... I said to my H 'That girl is smokin' hot. I want her arms.' Now it all makes sense :) I'll have to introduce myself when I see her again.

  • lol, yup that would be her, she's a sweetheart!

    We'll definetly be over to check it out soon

  • Definitely do! It turned out beautiful. Not sure if you had been there before, but it was just always really dark and uninviting. They really put a lot into it and made it nice. Since it's 3 minutes from my house, I'm sure my H (and the rest of the fam) will be there often! It's going to be the perfect nice weather hangout!

    Rich Thomas and Doug Sachs (both WT grads) are the managers. And a lot of my H's family is working there, too - Alexi (Drew [owner]'s daughter) is a hostess, and my two BIL's are servers (Josh and Justin.)

  • Yeah I graduated with Rich.....Christina (drew's sister) knows all of them, that's how she got the job.  She managed at Terra Nova for a while and knows a lot of them from there

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