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How was your weekend?

Spring starts next weekend! 
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Re: How was your weekend?

  • H and I had a good lazy weekend.  Friday we made supper together and watched Mad Men.

    Saturday we were lazy for most of the day but got some errands ran and I cleaned the hardwood floors with the Shark Steamer mop we bought. 

    Sunday after church H went over to his parents and I got caught up around the house. 

    Looking forward to this week as my sister is home for Spring Break.

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  • I've been sick since last week, so we didn't really do much.  The only 2 times I left the house were to go to lunch with the IL's on Saturday and to Church on Sunday.  I got lots of rest, though, so that's good!
  • It was nice. We went oot for the wedding, and then slept pretty much all day Sunday. It's been very gloomy around here, so the weather is perfect for a nap.
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  • The weekend was ok.  The weather was so crappy (rain and wind for 4 straight days now) so that made me feel lazy.

    Saturday I went to a cloth diapering workshop.  It was really informative and helped me decide on cloth diapering my baby part time.  I even got to start a registry there, which was fun.  Then I went into work for a couple of hours for overtime.

    Sunday we went to a 1 year old birthday party for MH's cousin's daughter.  It was really cute and made me excited about planning these types of things for our little girl soon enough.  Becuase of the rain, the basement at the party was flooding as we were there, so that put a little damper on the party and cut it short.

    Other than that we just lazed around the house and watched tv.  I can't believe it is Monday already.

  • We had a nice, romantic mini-getaway.  :)  It was great to spend some time alone, sans dog, friends, family, etc.  We did some shopping, ate some great food and relaxed.

    Yesterday was a boring day...  just kind of sat around.  I was a bit sick yesterday, too.  We watched the NCAA games and then the MM picks and caught up on DVRed stuff.

  • It was exhausting.  It was supposed to be lazy and relaxing, but we decided to be active for some reason!  Oh well, maybe next weekend can be at least a bit lazy!
  • Good.  Friday we bought some flowers to plant... and woke up to an inch of snow on Saturday!  We laid around Saturday morning and I cleaned the house and made cookies that afternoon.  Yesterday was a relaxing day, I spent most of my time playing Warcraft Geeked
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  • Friday, we just hung out at home.

    Saturday, I surprised DH by having his friends come for the weekend so they could play WoW all day! Friend's wife and I hung out a lot which was great because we knew each other before but weren't really friends. I would say after this weekend that we are friends!

    Sunday, our friends left and we stayed around the house. Nice to have some time with just the two of us before I leave for 1 week.

  • Went to the 1st and 2nd grade chorus concerst on Fri night. I was super cute! They sang all Beatle's songs :)

    Sat we did a bunch of running to get supplies for the basement. We also had to make a stop at the Vet b/c my sweet Daisey developed a bladder infection :( But the good news was that I had the Vet call in the antibiotic to the local pharmacy so it only cost $5.60 vs. $60 like last time! I got smart! Lol!

    Then Sunday I saw Alice in Wonderland with my mom (don't recommend it. could have been MUCH better) and we went to BRU to finish my registry. We also had Chinese for dinner and I didn't get home til 8pm. Ugh. Then I had to mop the floors in the living room to prepare for our new furniture that is supposed to arrive this afternoon.

    Overall a good but busy weekend :)

  • On Friday, I was not feeling well so I just took lots of medicine and slept from the time I got hime until Saturday morning.

    Saturday was fun, but I still wasn't feeling well. We went to the city with some friends. We did some shopping, went to the IMAX and aquarium, walked around the city, and went out to dinner. Everyone came back to our house for game night, and we played Clue for a bit. 

    On Sunday we went visit H's grandparents, since his grandpa has been in and out of the hospital lately.  In the afternoon, we went do some errands and grocery shopping.

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • Friday afternoon I went to the SPA for a massage and facial.  It was great.  Finished the evening with the Real Housewives of OC reunion since H was working.

    Saturday we went out with some friends.  We were out during the Spring Forward of the clocks, so I was totally thrown off on Sunday. 

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